A Letter of Hope

A Love Letter of Hope – A Time for Mourning a Time for Dancing

Life isn’t always beautiful roses and fragrant daffodils.  Sometimes life carries the stench of dead things – dead dreams, dead hopes, dead feelings, loss of people, loss of relationships.  It reeks of pungent rottenness.  We’ve all been there.  Heads hanging so low, not even the sun can lift them.  Hearts so heavy with the ashes of our pain that we are immobilized.  Yes, life isn’t always a beautiful song.  Sometimes it is the wincing melody of screeching nails on black chalkboard.

leaf on the ground marvia davidson

Leaf on the Ground by Marvia Davidson

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Even Your Broken Pieces

Fragile by marvia davidson


That moment you write and write and write. A flood gate opens and your soul begins to show. You know? The one you put back into hiding. The one God desires. The one that’s the real you. Yeah. That one. The one that was wounded and bearing a heavy load. The one that spoke no more for fear of unwanted reprisal. Yeah. That one.

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