Moving and 31 Days Of…

Change is inevitable.  You either move with it, or it moves over you.  I’ve decided to move with it.  It’s just that time to do so – curating my brand, thoughts, and creative ideas.  I started this blog back in 2009, and I want to keep writing about thoughts on living and authentic life.  It’s something I value.  I also value moving in the direction that is right for me, so you’ll find me writing how a new, self-hosted website.  The name is  now my own, and you’ll find me at  Because being yourself works best when you’re wholly yourself.

I’m grateful for each of you who has followed this blog.  I appreciate your support.  I invite you to join me there.  So come on over.

pruning marvia davidson


In the month of October, I’m doing the 31 Days of… writing challenge.  It’s Calling the Beloved Home: 31 Days of Excavating Faith.   I want to settle in to what it means to be called, to be the beloved, to be a daughter, to be accepted, to be chosen, to be of faith, to be loved, to be forgiven, to be whole, to be authentic, and to belong.  What does it mean when all of those things collide?  A beautiful mess?  Filthy ashes?  A phoenix rising?  I want to know.  Life is too short not to explore and excavate the depths of who we can become.

beloved m davidson

Today, I give myself permission to fully be.  You can do that same for yourself.  We are never more alive than when we are most ourselves.  We are beautiful stories unfolding.

What is the story you will tell?



Pruning {Say No}

I don’t like the word no.  Does anyone?  It’s such a hard word sometimes.  Yes just rolls off the tongue a whole lot easier.  Yes doesn’t push back.  Yes doesn’t question.  Yes doesn’t conflict.  Yes doesn’t ponder.  It simply gives way.  And before you know you, you find yourself inundated with more things to do than you have hours in the day to complete.  Maybe “no” isn’t so bad after all.

pruning marvia davidson

I sometimes wonder if the human spirit understands impending change more than the human mind.  There must be some divine capacity for the human spirit to assess change and prepare the rest of the mind and body for impact.  No, this isn’t doom and gloom.  This is real talk pruning, saying no, and reassessing the why.

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