A Letter of Hope

A Love Letter of Hope – A Time for Mourning a Time for Dancing

Life isn’t always beautiful roses and fragrant daffodils.  Sometimes life carries the stench of dead things – dead dreams, dead hopes, dead feelings, loss of people, loss of relationships.  It reeks of pungent rottenness.  We’ve all been there.  Heads hanging so low, not even the sun can lift them.  Hearts so heavy with the ashes of our pain that we are immobilized.  Yes, life isn’t always a beautiful song.  Sometimes it is the wincing melody of screeching nails on black chalkboard.

leaf on the ground marvia davidson

Leaf on the Ground by Marvia Davidson

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Pressing in to Grief

press in leigha cann for marvia davidsonMany voices speak of hope in the unseen, comfort in the broken places, and light in the piercing dark.  Today my Story Sessions friend, Leigha, is talking about friendship, loss, and pressing in to grief.  If your heart is weary, may you be encouraged as you read her words.  They are powerful testimony on the resilience of the human spirit, and I am honored to share her healing words in this space.


The week before I moved to Montreal to start grad school, I took a road trip.  I called in sick to work, packed a bag, and I drove for 6 hours.  For 6 hours I conjured up the cool feel of granite beneath my fingertips. For 6 hours I practiced tracing all 22 letters of her name. It had been 3 months and 4 days since I had made the same trek to say goodbye to Victoria. Continue reading

An Unexpected Death

And then my father died.

It was rather unexpected.  He could have and should have died so many times before from major life-threatening surgeries, but he didn’t die.  God’s grace, I know.

When my father left this world in 2008, I thought a part of me went with him.  Though he would have never have been nominated for a father of the year award, he certainly was still a good influence in my life. In a way, my dad dared me to dream.  He never laughed at me.  He supported me.  That support launched me into being on my own in a big city far from home.  That belief in me was more foundational than I realized.  The journey to the big city, Ft. Worth, Texas, was a catalyst for unraveling and unbecoming.  I knew my father believed in me.  I never realized how powerful his belief in me was until after his untimely death. Continue reading

Thinking of this now….Let It Rest on You.

God showed me some foolishness I believed about pain, loss, tragedy, and hurt. I’m no expert. I only know that I need God’s light and truth daily so that I don’t get caught up or bound in lies. After reading posts and hearing the sermons on hurt, today my perspective and my prayer is different. I do not seek an argument. I do not seek to throw stones. In this right-now-moment, I want Jesus. I want God. I want His Holy Spirit. I need them. Otherwise, I got nothin’.

The devil is sly and cunning in how he parades as an angel of light; and his main goal is to steal, kill, and destroy (2 Corinthians 11:14, John 10:10). He sold us a vicious lie (John 8:44), and we keep falling for it-that God can be kicked out, legislated, monetized, and various other mistruths. God, break the power of every lie spoken after tragedy, hurt, pain, loss, and every other situation in which the devil sneaks in and wreaks doubt and havoc.  Lord teach us to stand on your Word (Ephesians 6:10-12, 13-14). Help us stand without wavering and holding tightly to the confession of our faith (Hebrews 10:19-25).  Lord, let Your Truth reign.  Let Your Words God, always remain to fulfill what You set out for it to do (Isaiah 55:11).  Thank you God that you are Faithful.  God remind us of how Christ came to seek and save the lost.  Remind us of how You came to give us life abundant (John 10:7-10). Holy Spirit speak to the deep places in our hearts and root out any darkness.  Lead us into all Truth by Your Holy Spirit (John 16:13-15).Forgive us Father for believing men and women’s truth over Your Eternal Truth. Forgive us God for letting earthly things be first. Forgive us for not bearing the Truth of who you are wherever we are. Forgive us for maligning Your Name whether conscious or unconscious.

Forgive us for aligning our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to lies that do not agree with Your Word or Your Character. God have mercy, and forgive us.

Lead us in Your kindness to repentance (Romans 2:1-4).  You made final judgment when You sent Your Son, Jesus to die on the cross.  Christ paid the penalty for sin once and for all (1 Peter 3:18; Hebrews 10; Romans 3:25, 9:28).  The death and life of Christ made for us to be reconciled to you Father God.  Remind us of that truth, and teach us how to better share it.  Let our actions and words speak of the good things you have done, Lord.  Let us lay our personal judgments at your feet.  You alone are Judge, and You alone are good!  Speak to the hearts of Your children across this land. Let not our hearts be hard. Soften them Lord that we might be aware of what You are doing in the earth and in our lives.

God let your Truth keep piercing the darkness and draw us deeper in to you that we might bear the truth of Your image as we walk the earth. Christe Eleison. Lord, have mercy on us.


Will you join in prayer? Raise up your people God that we might me one as You are One.