Write 31 Days with Friends

In the month of October, I am participating in the 31 Days of Writing challenge.

I want to settle in to what it means to be called, to be the beloved, to be a daughter, to be accepted, to be chosen, to be of faith, to be loved, to be forgiven, to be whole, to be authentic, and to belong.  What does it mean when all of those things collide?  A beautiful mess?  Filthy ashes?  A phoenix rising?  I want to know.  Life is too short not to explore and excavate the depths of who we can become.  Follow along at my blog: marviadavidson.com


You’ll also find some of my very dear writing friends participating in the challenge too.  Their words are passion, restoration, love, writing, gentleness, fire, hope, renewal, grace, wisdom, and peace.

31 Days of Drawing Fresh Life from Scriptures Root Words (dive into the bible)

31 Days of Authenticity with Dana Butler (real talk about authenticity)

31 Days of Movement with Suzanne Terry (getting fit and healthy)

31 Days of Hope for a Messed Up Marriage with Ciaobhe (relationships)

31 Days of Stability with Jamie Bagley (living a present life)

31 Days of Walking Brave with Caris Adel (real talk about bravery)

31 Days of Gentleness for the Rest of Us with Em (bible and gentleness studies)

31 Days of Excavating Faith with Marvia (knowing who you are)

Shoot Like a Girl 31 Days with Ronne Rock (daily photography)

31 Days of Fragment Faith (Statements on faith with Hope)

31 Days of Soul Tending with Chrystal Southwell (health for the soul)

31 Day of Love and Making it with Nicole (loving ourselves and our bodies)

31 Days of Grounding with Lisha (remember who and Whose you are

31 Days of Faith and Mental Health with Bethany (faith and heart/head health)


Fragile Moments

When I lose my way because of fear, doubt, disbelief, or too many chatty world choices – I run to God. I am a person of faith, and lately that faith has been challenged. Look much at the world and all that overwhelm, disarray, and conflict? It’s emotionally, spiritually, and mentally exhausting.

So today, for when your heart breaks, I offer these words.


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Pruning {Say No}

I don’t like the word no.  Does anyone?  It’s such a hard word sometimes.  Yes just rolls off the tongue a whole lot easier.  Yes doesn’t push back.  Yes doesn’t question.  Yes doesn’t conflict.  Yes doesn’t ponder.  It simply gives way.  And before you know you, you find yourself inundated with more things to do than you have hours in the day to complete.  Maybe “no” isn’t so bad after all.

pruning marvia davidson

I sometimes wonder if the human spirit understands impending change more than the human mind.  There must be some divine capacity for the human spirit to assess change and prepare the rest of the mind and body for impact.  No, this isn’t doom and gloom.  This is real talk pruning, saying no, and reassessing the why.

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I Want to Remember

sweet life marvia davidsonI want to remember Jesus the Christ
Blood and water trickling down
Hands and side intimately pierced
I want to remember His body broken
Riddled with pain for me

I want to remember the fragrance
Of His death because
It gave me sweetness of life

I want to remember His Word
Coursing through my veins
Fleshing out deep truth
Penetrating the root of my dark

Pulling me into His
Embrace of healing light

I want to remember His last breath
A heaving sigh resting on the earth
Between the veil
Breaking the chasm’s divide

I want to remember Jesus the Christ
A gift of redemption, of restoration
Of reconciliation

I, no longer on the outside
I, now invited
I, now belonging
I, now adopted
I, now ardently loved

I want to remember Jesus the Christ
I will give Him all of my life
This will be grace enough
More than enough

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Though Your Footsteps Were Not Seen

heart recall marvia davidsonCrying, Crying out
Here, I am in distress
There is no solace
My eyes grow weary
I cannot find comfort.

Too troubled to speak
I lie upon this bed, weeping.
Heart Meditating
Will I always be rejected?
Where is His unfailing love?
Has mercy fled my life?

Oh! I must make appeal
Heart, you must remember!
Soul, recall the mighty deeds.
There is none greater than God.
He has not forgotten.
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