We {Real Talk Tuesday}

hold hands m davidson 2014I am me.  You are you.  Together we’re stronger.  It’s true.

But really!  There is power in the “we”.  I am a conservative person, reserved, and very guarded.  I don’t always easily trust people.  I wait till I can trust them before I share the realities of living in the right-now life.  I’m okay with that.  It’s part of my process, but living in community, whether online or in real life, calls for intentional connection person-to-person.   Continue reading


Shadow Keeper

shadow keeper marvia davidson 1

She was a shadow keeper
Hidden in the hush of quiet
A dreamer bright with
Living hopes and silent dreams

She was a door keeper
Closed off behind a veil of separation
A child slighted by cruel words
Backward glances and doubting ears

 shadow keeper 3 marvia davidson 2
She was a wound keeper
Sheltered in the cleft of broken bearing
A shattered heart with
Unspoken pain and smoldering embers

She was a sword-war keeper
Violently thrashing in her own bottled way
A bleeding warrior pierced
by the unbecoming and betraying embrace

shadow keeper marvia davidson 3

She is a story keeper
wholly embracing all of life
A woman on fire
With lovely chards of
Healing written across the sky

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Zumba, Community, and Advent

People Hands by Jennifer Upton

People Hands by Jennifer Upton

I’ve never been one for large crowds or storms of people.  To be honest I prefer solitude, aloneness, and simply being still.  While solitary adventures can be healthy, there comes a point where we realize we need connection beyond our own personal company.

We were made to belong – not just to ourselves, but also to our fellow humanity. We were made for community and connection.  It provides space for us to walk into the story of other souls.  It provides opportunity to ear without judgment and to offer a shoulder.  It gives us a chance to see beyond our own lives.  Community matters. Continue reading

Thirty Things I’ve Learned about Being God’s Beloved

I accepted a wonderful invitation to write a guest post in honor of Sarah McCartens‘s 30th birthday celebration. I met her through a story community- #Story101 with EloraNicole. Sarah invited her friends to join in writing 30 things they’ve learned, accepted, discovered, found, or know about life, living, and being. I loved this idea and knew I wanted wanted to write a post!

So, today I’ll be sharing my favorite things (words) all having to do with love, being, acceptance, and belonging. I hope you enjoy 30 things I’ve learned about being God’s Beloved. You can say them aloud with me. Be empowered because you are precious.

Pink Flower Burst

Pink Flower Burst

  1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made – a unique creation– and beautifully attractive because I am redeemed (Psalm 139).
  2. Nothing I can do will make God love me less.
  3. My dreams matter to the Creator, and He has really good plans for me.
  4. Experiences in life are not wasted.
  5. I am loved most ardently, and I belong.

Come on over and read the rest of my 30 Things @SarahMcCarten‘s blog – my new story-sister-writing-friend!

Maybe you have a story to tell what you’ve learned along the way of life. I’d love to hear about it.


Walls Are Dangerous

an excerpt from The Unbecoming – my memoirs

I’ve built all kinds of walls in my life.  High, low, near, or far – I built them.  I could write behind the wall.  I could sing haunting melodies no hear had ever heard. I could lyricize, and dance, and create – all behind the wall.  I called it self-preservation.  In reality, it was a wall of self-separation.  It kept me from being known.  It barred intimacy.  It kept me from exploring.  It was as though I was locked up high in a tower. No one could see me nor hear me.  If I cried out for help, there’d be no one to come to my aid. If I would fall, no one would be there to catch me.  If I hurt, there was no one there to embrace me in the pain.

building by jennifer upton

Building by Jennifer Upton

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