The Truth About Imperfection

Today, I invite you to tell the real-talk truth about imperfection.  My offering is a poem.  What truth of imperfection is rising up in you?  What have you learned about being imperfect?   I’ve learned I don’t have to be always perfect.  God is doing a good work in me, work that I cannot even begin to do.  He is faithful.  And His work is perfectly good.

redeemed m davidson

Not always perfect.
I don’t have to be
He’s is doing a work in me
Still I am rooted
Abiding in the vine
His roots pierce my sin
Slaying death
Giving me life
Eternally breathing hope

In faith
In life
Blood spilling
Through Christ
Imperfect I am

But perfect is He who has
Called me from darkness to light
He looks at the inside
The outer walls do not matter
He atones soul bruises
Where no physical eye can see

I  live  not from without
But from within
He is gazing at my heart
Stony flesh broken,

Softened by Benevolent Grace
His perfect sacrifice covers me
I am Redeemed
This is Truth
In my inward parts
Making me whole
Making me well

Nothing missing
Nothing broken

This is reconciliation
The imperfect now made
Perfect through Christ alone

This is bedrock solid
This is grace
I will be rooted here in Him

Perfectly perfected
Despite all my imperfection

tree mdavidson imperfect

We’d love for you to join us. Poem, Song, Essay, Story, Blog Post, or Photo Essay – share the words and images that speak of truth. Your voice will be heard here. We’re ready to hear your stories. We honor each voice here.

All we ask is that you keep it G/PG, share your post, comment on the person before you or after you, and share the link up. As always may our words be seasoned with salt and grace. May our words empower, encourage, and equip.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Imperfection

  1. This is so good, Marvia. I love this :”His roots pierce my sin/Slaying death/Giving me life/Eternally breathing hope” Eternally breathing hope – And this hope is sure not just a guess. We are redeemed and He is perfecting us.

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