Dissonance {A Real Talk}


What do you do when life grates against your core?
What do you choose to remember when soul and mind are is disagreement or disarray?
Do you lean in? Walk away? Bury your head in the sand?
Is dissonance a stigma, or does it point you to a deeper truth?

I find myself in a new season.  It’s one of pruning, releasing, settling, and restoration.  All.  At.  Once.  It’s a bit overwhelming when dissonance shows up on your doorstep.  It demands attention.  It requires my sight and my heart.  So today I am listening, leaning in to the whisper.


Dissonance is the breaking up of fallow ground.
Cracked glass shattering into a million tiny shards.
It is the upheaval of stagnancy.
It is the death of complacency.
It is the calling forth of truth in the inward parts.
Dissonance can open our eyes and challenge us to “see again.”

This is not stigma.  It is grace in the uncommon hours.  It is a call to return to First Love, to Hope, to Light.

The truth for this right-now moment?

I will live and not die and tell of His wonders.  My connection with Him is my priority.  My soul recalls the need to tend my own garden, and so I shall.  While life is grating against the core, it sloughs dead skin – skin that wasn’t supposed to be mine, a mantle not intended for me to wear.  This is that season of walking out what it means to be called to the One Thing.  For each of us it will be different.

Be encouraged friends, there is a purpose behind this dissonance.

Stop.  Look.  Breathe deep.  Now listen.  What is the Whisper echoing in your soul?

blending marvia davidson

Poetry from “Witness” by Jamie Bagley – Art by Marvia Davidson

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