I may be leery, but I believe that God knows full well what He’s doing.  My choice is to trust Him.  Things are not turning out the way I thought they should. They’re actually quite haywire. Isn’t that just like life though? It throws you for a loop, and you still have to play the game.

But … God is still good, and His promise still gives me hope. Life may not be a bed of roses, but that’s okay. It’s only for a season.

Today I share with you this truth – nothing is lost in the kingdom of God.  Nothing goes wasted.  The things we think can’t or won’t go together become a beautiful tapestry.  We don’t always see the hidden treasure of our own lives because we live in the moment, in the ebb and flow.  God sees it all and weaves together a masterpiece; after all He created us for good works.

Every thread of your life is part of the making of His good works for you and for me.  This I believe.

What truth is beating softly in your heart? What reminders steel your soul? Share story.


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