Hidden Treasures

I’ve lived much of my life in compartments.  Writing about difficult subjects made me tear down walls and rebuild foundational dreams.  I could see hope in the spaces between the healing and the hurt.  They were not in vain.  An invitation to just be and to be whole drew me in.  There was room, spacious room, for my heart to live a better story even among the ashes.   

Living through the uncomfortable places forced me to see the coals of my life, only they were no longer coals.  Glimmers of diamonds burst from crushed and bent places.  Losses were no longer dead weights around my neck.  Losses were no longer shameful or points of contention to be avoided.  The compression, the intense pressure, and pain no longer frighten me.  Instead, they remind me God makes beautiful things from the dust of my life.  

unearth marvia davidson

We experience all of life’s upheaval and its steady hand.  We have our ups, downs, and twisted all-arounds, but still we can rise.  We still have hope.  We still have dreams.  We still can find the words that make us whole again.  We can embrace our wrecked parts and see the treasure hidden in every crack and smudged doorway.  

I know this doesn’t tell you how to exactly tackle the hard things in writing or the common blank page.  I do not offer a three step writing process.  I do not sing the praises of formula writing.  This much I know is true.  You will come to the unexpected place.  You may even stumble upon the underbelly of forgotten wounds.   You will have a choice.   Dig in to allow yourself to be undone, and unearth the beauty of the hidden, crushed things; or you can bypass the hard things for the writing that may leave you empty, wanting, or pondering if there’s more.  

Your story is “the more”.  You have treasure hiding deep within your soul.  Are you willing to search it out?  Are you willing to answer to the challenging things?  Your story matters.  Yes! Every bit of it matters.  There is no pressure to decide.  There is simply the invitation to accept your entire story – the whole of it.  There is beauty to unearth.   

We’d love for you to join us.   Poem, Song, Essay, Story, Blog Post, or Photo Essay – share the words and images that speak of truth. Your voice will be heard here. We’re ready to hear your stories. We honor each voice here.

All we ask is that you keep it G/PG,  share your post, comment on the person before you or after you, and share the link up. As always may our words be seasoned with salt and grace.  May our words empower, encourage, and equip.



One thought on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Marvia, I am still learning how to search for hidden treasure, learning to excavate and reach deeper. I know I need some quiet time to ponder, to search the Scriptures, to embrace all of who I am. I appreciate your encouragement to keep on. ❤

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