Why Real Talk Matters to Me

Story Sessions is a writing community I joined last year.  It’s a community of women who write, dream, create, and encourage one another.  A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed on how Real Talk Tuesday came to be.

I didn’t intend to start Real Talk Tuesday.  It was one of those things that just happened (though I think something like it was always rumbling around in my heart).  It was an offshoot of where I wanted to take my own writing, but I wanted to do it in community.  A few months ago I took part of a healing support group called Mending the Soul.  It’s changed my life (keeps changing my life), my perspective, and how I see authenticity and living out truth.  It was all about dealing with hard truths about one’s self and its impact on how we relate to people and issues in our lives.  It’s more than that, but that was the impetus toward healing and restoration.

broken years_marvia davidson

You gotta talk about hard things.  You gotta work through all the junk that keeps you bound or that keeps you from not fully living and being your whole, God-made self.  If we’re really going to live out true and authentic lives, then we’ve got to wrestle with the depth and width of our pain.  Feel the feels, use our voice, say what we need, find safe people with whom we can fully be ourselves, know our power and authority, and not shrink back from the process of being real and whole all the time in every place. I’m not saying act on emotions.  I’m saying be real-deal about what you feel so you can know what to do next (the next right thing).

You can read the rest of this interview over at the Story Sessions blog.  I’m so honored to be sharing my words there.


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