Pruning {Say No}

I don’t like the word no.  Does anyone?  It’s such a hard word sometimes.  Yes just rolls off the tongue a whole lot easier.  Yes doesn’t push back.  Yes doesn’t question.  Yes doesn’t conflict.  Yes doesn’t ponder.  It simply gives way.  And before you know you, you find yourself inundated with more things to do than you have hours in the day to complete.  Maybe “no” isn’t so bad after all.

pruning marvia davidson

I sometimes wonder if the human spirit understands impending change more than the human mind.  There must be some divine capacity for the human spirit to assess change and prepare the rest of the mind and body for impact.  No, this isn’t doom and gloom.  This is real talk pruning, saying no, and reassessing the why.

Not to go all Yoda on you, but I sense a disturbance in the force (not a negative one).  The kind of off-kilter that calls for soul rest, less doing, and more “be”-ing.  It is a disruption of the chaotic in our life, a disruption to reassert truth and fullness.  Do I like this kind of thing? No.  Do I need this kind of pruning? Most certainly yes!

It’s August now.  The Texas heat isn’t letting up, but I feel I’m entering a season of dial down, weeding out, solidifying the why, and funneling things through my “why” filter.  It’s time.  Time to say no, and mean it.  Time to cut out those things that don’t breed life.  Time to cut the limbs that refuse to allow the force of life through.  Time to brush off the weight of dreams that are not mine.  Time to say no to staying busy all the time.


Maybe this is part of the creative process.  Maybe this is the fury of flames that burns up dead things.  Maybe.

pinks marvia davidson

There was a time for healing.  I spent much of 2013 and the first half of 2014 in a restorative, healing state.  Towards the end of the year there was a rush of growth, expansion, and exploration.  Now there is the time for pruning (I hate that part) but I know it’s necessary for the blossom of unfolding about to breach the ground.  Will it hurt?  Maybe.  Will it be painless?  Probably not.

Saying no so you can say the true yes means sacrifice of some sort.  The more I lean into intentional living this year, the more I realize the being intentional requires sacrifice of its own.  The year is turning toward it end – it came too quickly.  I am turning with it (figuratively speaking) and laying down what is no longer mine.  Letting leaves fall.  Letting roots go down deeper.  Drinking in the calm of stillness.

I’ll prepare the sacred ground of my heart for the abundant more that is to come.  I’ll lean into the always-present God who has never left me nor forsaken me.  I’ll take to His pruning because I know there is beauty in the ashes.  The dreams will breach the sacred, hallowed ground.

Where is the pruning in your right-now life?  What’s your take on pruning?  We’d love to hear your stories, see your art, and even hear your songs at Real Talk Tuesday.

May our words be gracious, like salt and light (keep it G/PG).  May you find a welcome here.

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5 thoughts on “Pruning {Say No}

  1. “Time to say no to staying busy all the time.” I can definitely relate to this. I want to make more time for being quiet, listening for the still, small voice, letting things go that aren’t really needed.This is what I also want to do: ” I’ll lean into the always-present God who has never left me nor forsaken me.” He is always faithful and we can rest in that.

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