We {Real Talk Tuesday}

hold hands m davidson 2014I am me.  You are you.  Together we’re stronger.  It’s true.

But really!  There is power in the “we”.  I am a conservative person, reserved, and very guarded.  I don’t always easily trust people.  I wait till I can trust them before I share the realities of living in the right-now life.  I’m okay with that.  It’s part of my process, but living in community, whether online or in real life, calls for intentional connection person-to-person.  

Let’s be real here.  Relationships call for risk. You never know if or when you’ll be rejected. You show up and expected to be heard, seen, and loved without condition.  You are vulnerable, revealing your whole self.  Sometimes, that is not easy, but still you choose the risk.

Well, if you’ve been living for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of hurts in relationships.  Some friends become enemies.  Some acquaintances became bosom buddies.  Maybe you even cut off the frenemies, because #realtalk, they were NOT your friends.  And that’s okay too.  We learn more about healthy boundaries and using our voice when in community.  Sure we learn who we are in isolation, but how we truly live that out comes in being in community, in relationship with safe people.

So, who is your “we”?  Have you discovered your “trench people”?  These are the people who get in the dirt of life with you and hold your hand through the ugly mess.  They take you as you are, without condition.  They embrace the totality of your being, but they call out truth too.  Because they love you, they call you on your bluff or when you’re playing at life.  They remind you who you are.  They help you recall the lyric of your own song when you’ve forgotten the sacred melody.

When you have a “we,” you have a mirror.  You have another soul-heart to see the real you.  You have an “other” who reflects truth that reminds you to be you and fully present.  Having a “we” in your life bolsters faith, interdependence, and a sense of self.  We are not made to be separate islands floating, isolated, on this swirling ball of earth.  Connectedness lends dignity, spark, and belonging.

So, #realtalk now … who’s your “we”?



8 thoughts on “We {Real Talk Tuesday}

  1. “I am me. You are you. Together we’re stronger. It’s true.” Marvia, do you realize this is totally a poem! It’s great. Community is so important, because we were not meant to be in isolation all the time. It’s true there are risks when we dare to trust people and make ourselves vulnerable, but the help and support we receive from our true friends make it worth taking risks. Not everyone will understand, not everyone will agree with us, but there are those who love us for who we are and will be with us no matter what.

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