He Bears Long

girl butterfly jennifer upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

Trouble me not
This is the echo of the world
Leave me be for
I cannot be bothered
This is the echo informing
My broken faith
But I shall go to Him
For I have nothing left

Trouble me not
this is the echo of the world
I find it even in my prayer
But still i shall go to him

I’m asking
but there are whispers, “how dare you!”
I’m seeking
but there are glances, “who do you think you are?”
I’m knocking
but there is silence, “trouble me not!”

but those whispers are not of Him
they are the whines of a broken world
calloused because it could not get its wicked way
a filter by which my faith has been informed

by Jennifer Upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

i’m asking
rejecting the lie that i
am a bother to God
i’m seeking
choosing to believe i am seen and heard
i’m knocking
refusing to believe i am a nuisance

Shall I lose heart?
I will not
for He bears long with me
He perseveres patiently
enduring trouble and misfortune with me
He does not lose heart
He bears long
He is patient and brave
I am no trouble to Him

Come to me weary heart,
the echo of the Father
Come and rest here, daughter,
the echo of His invitation
Come and plead your case
He is not offended by
my persistence

So I shall go to God
He bears long with me
I am undone

not ashamed mdavidson 2014

Reflections on the Parable of the friend who came a midnight and the Parable of the persistent widow (Luke 11, 18)


3 thoughts on “He Bears Long

  1. So beautiful. I read it aloud to myself and the musicality was stunning. And the faith – the determination – despite all that society tells us – just awe inspiring. Thank you.

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