Something of Worth {Thoughtful Thursday}

worth it marvia davidsonFind goodness in the everyday mundane. I think this where some of the best inspiration comes from – those unsung moments. You know the ones. They take you by surprise. They offer unexpected hope. They breathe into you and cause you to inhale a deep, cleansing breath. Sometimes we don’t have to look for the goodness. It just shows up. A sparkle of joy shines like a diamond in the rough of the day.

I found such beauty in the ordinary, everyday, mundane yesterday. It was a black wall, beginning to blossom with words of life, courage, and empowerment. A co-worker came and hustled three of us outside. She was so excited.

“I want you guys to come see something. It will inspire you. It will only take 5 minutes.”

5 minutes can be an eternity when you’re pressing against deadlines and pushing through, but we stopped what we were doing. We all got up from our cubicles and followed her out of the office. I didn’t know what to expect because this co-worker has never shown this kind of excitement. She led us a few hundred feet to a black wall.

Now, I’d seen this wall before. It was previously painted sky blue and green with images of birds and theatrical images. Last week, though, the whole wall was painted pitch black. We’re not talking a small wall here. We’re talking the whole side of a building and more than two stories high (like half the length of a Walmart). I wasn’t expecting to see anything. I couldn’t figure out what my co-worker could be so excited about, but then we all saw.

wall inspire 2

On that blackened wall words were painted, like a chalkboard. Words of inspiration. Words of courage. Words of hope. Words of fire and catalyst. I was awed. I love words. I am calling this the Wall of Inspiration.

I’m glad my co-worker lulled us from our after-lunch-doldrums inertia. For in that moment of the ordinary and mundane, a spark of goodness came. There is beauty in the world. There is a place for our words. What we say does matter. We can leave a fruitful legacy.

wall of inspiration2


Here’s something to consider today. You have an art (words, pictures, songs, making, creating, being). You have a purpose. There is something calling that only you can do. It may freak you out. It may even cause your heart to flutter with excitement. It may seem daunting, but can I tell you something – Real Talk now – it’s worth pursuing. Your dream unfolding is worth the pursuit. It may seem small and insignificant, but it’s not. What you have to offer that world just might change the world and make it a better place.

free wall inspire  mdavidson


I stared at this new Wall of Inspiration happening before us and realized, what I say and what I write matters. I’m going to lean into the writing and creating. I don’t have to roar to be heard. The words will fall where they need to fall at just the right time. And so it is with you.

wisdom speaks wall inspire mdavidson


What you say and what you do matters.  Do your “thing” whatever it is. We need you to be you. We need you to bring your offering. We need you to voice your heart. For one day, you may find our words, your art, and our offering written across the fleshy walls of hearts.  In that moment, what will your art speak for you?


8 thoughts on “Something of Worth {Thoughtful Thursday}

  1. What a fun surprise. I love when people get creative like that. Yes, to the purpose. Yes, to the dream. Yes, to changing the world. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  2. The greatest takeaway for me, Marvia, was the reminder that we don’t have to do something “big” in order to make a difference. Whether in our creativity or just our gestures, every bit counts. My creed is that “our present lives are the accumulation of all the decisions we have made … which gives us the power to change our lives.” It’s also the accumulation of everything we do.

  3. What a fabulous wall! And to think you will pass by it every day. The power of words, to bring life or death – it’s such a great reminder. Actually, it makes me want to create such a wall in my own house.. isn’t there an Old Testament Scripture that talks of using words, when we walk down a road, when we sit down to eat… to use words that bless and to pass down the stories of overcoming? Simple, ordinary moments are the best – thank you for this great reminder, Marvia! 🙂

  4. Marvia,
    What a great wall 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us and for reminding us of how our words can make a difference…and thank you so much for your encouraging words over at my FMF post 🙂 blessings to you 🙂

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