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writing process 2Blogging Tour:  My Writing Process

It’s a blogging tour, and I’m up next to share my personal writing process from Mary Beth Pavlik at Pink Briefcase (enjoy reading her blog).  Next week the blog tour will head to Jane Argiero.

Come on in and take a peek at my writing process.  It may not be perfect, but it’s getting me where I need to go.

What am I working on?

I didn’t think I’d find myself writing a memoir, but that happened!  I finished my first draft and am currently working on editing it.  I thought writing the memoir was the hard part, but the editing is far more challenging than I thought it would be.  I know it’s a necessary process.  It forces refinement and clarity in the message and purpose of the writing.  I just don’t like it.

I know, I Know.  I have to kill my darlings (figuratively speaking).  I must slay the words that do not need to breathe in the memoir.  Maybe they belong elsewhere.  They are now going to be compost – words perhaps to be revived at a later time.

the unbecoming

I’ve also began idea storming for two mini pocket books.  I’m really excited about them.  They are birthed from thoughts on my one word for 2014: intentional.  I want my life and work to speak of life, purpose, authenticity, and living deep-in-the-marrow bones of this right-now life.  I also want to empower, encourage, and equip others on this journey. Mini pocket books seemed a good way to go.  It’s a work in progress, but I’ll keep readers updated on the blog.

Why do I write what I do?

I write for many reasons.  Writing gives me space to sort through life and all its funkiness.  I can define, redefine, articulate, ponder, question, stumble, and focus my thoughts and ideas.  I write to encourage.  I write to equip.  I write to empower.  I write to inspire.  I write to lighten and brighten.

Writing allows me to remember to dream.  It’s a way for me to communicate hope.  More often than not, I write to remind my soul Whose I am, why I’m here, and what I’m made for in this world.

Nonfiction is my gig.  I prefer to wrestle with words that will add to life.  It’s not my mission to create word art that will destroy, annoy, distract, curtail, or silence.  I like to write about real life, the broken reality of our world.  How can we live in this right-now life as best we can?  How can we live authentic lives without losing our sense of self, faith, and belief?  It’s not always easy, and I try to write that out.  I write what I do to wrap my words around the process of living out the ordinary, everyday mundane.

my writing process 2How does your writing process work?

I keep a journal.  I mostly use it to track life, its changes, my concerns, epiphanies, and things I’m processing.  I suppose it’s like a diary.  It’s history and breathing room.  The journal is compost, depositing little writing nuggets for future time.

I keep an idea book.  It’s like a journal for me, but I track big dreams, quotes, crazy ideas, writing prompts, and little mini snippets of writing expectation.  I write drafts of blog posts in it or ideas for books or artsy things.

My writing process also includes keeping a sketch book.  I use it for art journaling and drawing out my ideas.  It’s creative space for the mind to wander, deliberate, dream, pause, and reflect.  I also try to picture what my words might look like.

Lastly, I keep an ongoing spiral notebook for everything else that’s not in the journal, idea book, or sketch book.  I often use it for write-ins with the Story Sessions writing community.  I also use it for idea storming, accountability keeping, and brainstorming with my Story 201 sister, Jamie.  She’s an inspirational woman!  If you haven’t linked arms with a fellow writer, seriously consider it.  It will keep you moving forward, honest about the art you create, and a stronger sense of community.  Sometimes we write in solitary spaces, but knowing you have a writing partner/buddy really helps you when you feel like throwing in the towel.

my writing process 3The Writing Process

I write when the unction strikes, though I am working creating a more consistent habit.  I find several thought explosions and instigations via Instagram and Twitter.  It forces brevity and choosiness with words.  It gives me a treasure trove of writing ideas for later use.  If you haven’t tried visual media for launching your writing, I highly recommend it – not the fluff and sensational junk, but post which are inspiring and life giving.

My writing process also includes exploration and excavation of the spiritual life.  I’m a Christ follower.  Part of my process includes prayer for words that will encourage, uplift, and build up.  I make no presumptions about my ability to write.  I rely on God to breathe into my words that they would touch hearts in ways that draw people nearer to Him.  I want to live out my spiritual life authentically, and writing about the things I believe and the Word shapes my life and gives me courage.  I try to proofread my words before I hit the publish button.  I revise and edit 1-2 times, more if it’s being posted elsewhere.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not trying to be different.  I am just being me.  You should be you too.  The world needs nothing more than people who have willfully chosen to live authentically even if it means they are not in the realm of the popular.  Popularity is overrated anyways!

I’ve been writing for a while, most of it is unpublished, but that changing – thanks to the fearless women in Story 101 and Story Sessions community.  They have made me braver!  My writing work is different because I’m not bent on being controversial, starting fights, or engaging in the already-too-much-craziness in the blogosphere.  Instead, I have chosen to use my words to empower, encourage, and equip.  If my words aren’t doing any of those things, than I have marred my writing call.  Such a thing would grieve me.

coffee and writingMy writing is of the inspirational genre, but I’m specifically focused on one thing with many facets: faith.  I write about faith in Christ and how that plays out in belief, hope, dreaming, art, being, living authentically (can you tell that’s my favorite word?), and sharing the humanity present in our world.  Some of these topics I feel deeply about, so I’m still wrapping words around my thoughts before I share them with everyone.  I desire clarity in the message.

My work is different because it is invitational, as though you and I were face to face, sipping coffee or tea.  Life should be just that way – an invitation.  My work is a call to being, a call to authenticity, and a call to being fully myself in this right-now life.  All of these things are my creative process, and I love it!

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Next up on the writing process blog tour is my story sister, Jane Argiero.  Keep an eye out for her words.

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2 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. Hey, I love hearing how many notebooks you use to keep track of your process. I’m inspired! I just have one, ‘an everything and the kitchen sink’ one, but I love knowing how many different ways there are to use that as a resource 🙂
    Thanks for the shout out! I love your desire to encourage and be your authentic self. It seems so simple but takes great faithfulness!

    • Heather, Thank you!! I’ve learned that I can keep better track of my thoughts with different notebooks. I have found that I even remember covers of journals or notebooks that house my ideas. Pretty wild. Thank for reading 🙂 I still love an everything journal too. Happy writing and creating!

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