We Are the Human Impulse

much to offer marviadavidson

I am because I must be. It is not meant to be esoteric, up there in the great beyond, or mere puffed up words.  These words ring truth. I am because I must be: me, creative, alive, thoughtful, deliberative, inquisitive, from harmony, from intellection, from input – because I must.  It is in my nature to be, do, and live so.  It is in my DNA to speak from these places, broken, jagged, not quite perfect.

I think who we are meant to be has always resided in us.  It was always who we were. It is always who we are. But, are we aware?  Are we cognizant of our true being, purpose, and design?

I think about how often I’ve stumbled, bumbled, and muddled my way through the whole process of learning to live authentically.  It’s hard you know.  So much of the world would have you fit nice and neat in a pretty little, predetermined box of imitation.  Well, that’s wearying, and it backfires every time.

How about we all get good and comfortable living and stretching out into our own skin no matter how uncomfortable? It’s interesting the more we stretch into ourselves, the less discomfort we will find.  The more we smooth out the wrinkles of inner discord, the more we will fit like a tight glove within ourselves – tight and cozy, with no room for fluff.  The world can come crashing, rocking, and thrashing against our shores, but we don’t have to give way.  We have our own boundary lines.  It was always we who were.

That freedom song of being whispers.  Sometimes she screams.  And sometimes she warns.  Intuitively we know that we know that we know.  It is in my DNA to speak of these places, bridging gaping divides, connecting the unarticulated, and changing perspectives.

Impulse is beating in our hearts.  Thump, thump.  Inhale.  Thump, thump.  Exhale.  Impulse is wandering in every cell of your being.  Swoosh…swish.  Inhale.  Swish… swoosh.  Exhale.  Impulse is divine life coursing through our veins.  It is always who you were.  It is always who you are.  Your learning to be informs the doing.  The doing is a product of your being – you being fully alive you.

Do you hear it now?

“Come back. Come back. Come back.”

Come back to being, firmly rooted and planted in the core of who you’re meant to be.  Come back to living full from standing still, plumb-lined to the holy separation.  Come back to leaning in to the essence deposited in your soul.

be all you marviadavidson

It was always who you were.  It is always who you are.

This is the human impulse, and we were made for more.  More being true.  More being real.  More being authentic. More being ourselves.  Thump, thump.  Inhale.  Swish…. swoosh.  Exhale.  Thump, thump.

Who are you?

What do you hear in the silence, in the rise and fall of your heavy breaths?
Who do you see when you close your eyes in slumber?
What sacred melody (melancholy) is thrashing, pounding between every soft pause in your heart?

Notice that?  It is the impulse beckoning, a call for holy reckoning.  Now, what will you do?

I’d love to hear your stories too how how you’re leaning into life, being real and authentic, and doing from the being.


© Marvia Davidson and The Human Impulse Blog, 2008-2016.



4 thoughts on “We Are the Human Impulse

  1. I will give you a standing ovation when I find my way out of awe-induced paralysis. Whoa. You know a piece is well done when multiple readings increase the power of impact. This is your arc. This is your message. And you own it like you know it. Bravo!

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