Mess {It’s Beautiful}

no tame life marvia davidsonIt’s Five Minute Friday, and today’s word is “Mess.”  How fitting a word for a time like this! There are competing passions, competing ideas, competing relationships, competing emotions, competing hopes.  They refused to be tied up in a pretty, neat, little, ribbon-wrapped boxed of delight.  Nope.  Not these things.  You cannot always tame the competing things of life and living.

They are a mess.  They wreak havoc. They cause strain.  They push and pull, rumble and tumble.  They demand ALL THE ATTENTION all the time.  But isn’t that just like life?  Sometimes it comes at you fierce and strong like gale-force wind ready to rip your elegant sails to shreds.  Other times life comes like breath, a soul reprieving sigh, a deep inhale.  Life is all these things and more:  a mess.  We cannot predict the chaos that mess will heftily heave upon our doorsteps.

It’s a beautiful mess though, and I would not trade any of mine.  How else would I have find more of what I love to do if there were not some messy thing pointing its contorted finger into my side, agitating my heart?  How else would I have increased my intentions if it were not for the ferocious whispers of dreams begging to be seen and heard?  How else would I have known I need to fight for what I believe had it not been for things falling apart?

Mess, beloved, can be a beautiful thing.  So, why not lean into this right-now-moment?  Whether it’s a tidal wave of fury or dripping bits of rainwater and luster dust, lean in.  These things seeming to compete will unearth hidden treasures.

Today, I’m grateful for the mess.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your story.  Have you made beautiful things from the mess in your life?

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10 thoughts on “Mess {It’s Beautiful}

  1. Wow, how do you manage to be so profound in such a short time? I love it! Thank you for always encouraging those around you. I needed this message today.

    • Heee heee Jamie, I just write without dwelling for FMF. Or maybe its something in each of us where we speak the right-now in-the-moment-truth. I’m glad you were encouraged.

  2. Your right that life refuses to be wrapped up neatly in a pretty little box no matter how hard we try. So now I try to embrace the mess, finding beauty in the daily. I use my writings to help myself (and hopefully others?) to find God, especially if they are going through pain and suffering. That’s how I make sense of this beautiful mess.

  3. Think of the opposite of having that wonderful “mess,” Marvia. Think of what it would be like NOT to have competing wants, wishes, passions. It’s so much easier to keep an empty life all neat and tidy. Relish in your mess! 😉

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