The Beginning {Or Why I’m Here}

no stopping marvia davidsonI am a writer.  I write.  I’ve enjoyed writing for at least half my life.  However, the majority of that writing was in journals of various sorts.  I started by first blog in 2009 with a different name.  Then I started another one, because I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to write about and take a shine to.  I began my third blog, The Human Impulse, that same year.  This one is a much more natural feel.  It’s about the impulse within each of us beating softly, refusing to be silent, reminding us who we really are.

So why am I writing all this to you, and myself, now? Because I am in the process of writing a manifesto.  I’m laying down the bones of a dream burning like fire in my heart.  It won’t let me go, so I’m giving it breath and space to live now.  I do not wish to take these words with me to the grave.   I wish to cast them far and wide.  They may not be for all, but somewhere they will catch, and do what they’re intended to do.

I use writing not as a means of storytelling, but as a means of unearthing, excavating, deciphering, and redefining.  For me, writing unlocks the heart, pinpoints the true, lightens the shadows, and focuses perspective.

I am inspired by many things, but mainly I am inspired by life, how it’s lived, the people who live it loudly, and the simple things that unveil themselves in the ordinary everyday mundane of life.

Who Am I?

I am a daughter, sister, aunt.  I am beloved, forgiven, loved, creative, earthy, humorous, real, accepted, and a Christ follower.  I am a woman who wants truth and authenticity in every part of my life.  I want every knook and cranny of my life to speak of purpose, meaning, belonging, dream, and vision.  I believe in dreaming being, being authentic, making your life count, and living your purpose without apology.  I believe we all have been gifted in diverse ways, some of which we have yet to tap into.  I believe we get from life what we sow into it.  I believe we each of a destiny.  I believe I am made to empower, encourage, and equip.

Why I’m Here?

I write to encourage, empower, and equip.  Our lives are full of potential.  Bigness is waiting to happen upon the initial birth of our baby steps.  Each step inches us closer to our dreams becoming reality.  I’m here because I want to inspire men and women to step up to their fears, knock them out, and take life by storm.  I am here to encourage weary hearts to press in, to hold faith, to not give up, to seek truth, to stay in community, to find allies, and to stay the course of dreaming and building.manifesto marvia davidson

The world,while not physically flat, is small.  There are countless opportunities to reach people in unprecedented ways.  The internet makes getting the story out less cumbersome, though one should have a tribe and people who listen and support what you have to say.  But even if there is no audience, one still must dream and find a way to speak life and hope.

I’m here to wrap words around pie-in-the-sky ideas.  To give them bones and flesh.  I’m here to bring dreams down to reality.  We make our dreams reachable, doable, achievable when we wrap our minds around the softest parts of our beings, the soul.

What You’ll Find Here::

It is my intention that when you leave this blog, you take away

  • inspiration
  • calm
  • encouragement
  • empowerment
  • a sense of being equipped
  • belief and faith
  • hope
  • serenity
  • possibility
  • insight
  • an appeal to just be
  • momentum
  • creative spark
  • potential
  • maybe even some conviction (to be more you)

…for dreaming big and living loud from a place of authenticity.  I’m not by any means perfect at this, but I’m moving forward still.  The more I write it out, the more I find I’m walking out my purpose and calling. I hope you’ll keep moving forward in your life’s momentum too.

Maybe you want to be a part of that kind of community of people who live out loud and without fear.  Where did you begin?  Why are you here?  I’d love to hear your story.  We all matter in this little finite, swirling ball called earth.

© Marvia Davidson and The Human Impulse Blog, 2008-2014.



7 thoughts on “The Beginning {Or Why I’m Here}

    • Esther, Thank you!!! Taking big steps is risky. Well, at least it looks like a big gaping step, but in community, it’s a little less daunting. Linking arms with you. I so appreciate your encouraging word!!! and I’m uber excited for your new journey too 😉 WoOt!

  1. Yes yes yes to all of this! Especially this:

    “I use writing not as a means of storytelling, but as a means of unearthing, excavating, deciphering, and redefining. For me, writing unlocks the heart, pinpoints the true, lightens the shadows, and focuses perspective.”

    Keep lighting the world, fabulous one.

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