Psalm Reflections


Always ever pointing upward
Sing, sing, sing

My heart ascribes greatness to my God and King
Sing, sing, sing

From day to day
He is my solid-rock salvation
Sing, sing, sing

In His sanctuary
I find strength and beauty
In His presence
I find joy and good news

Can any evil thing cling to me
When I declare the of God

Surely His power and might
Fall about me
As heavy drapes
Like dew dripping
On silent blades of grass

Hear my soul
And be glad

Your King is coming
Sing, sing, sing

Always ever point upward
Sing, sing, sing.

Linking up with Stephanie Spencer for Psalms Journey this week. Come join.

2 thoughts on “Psalm Reflections

  1. As I was prepping this week’s Psalm post, I realized I never made it over to your site last week!

    I love that you wrote a poem, and I love that you repeated the line “sing, sing, sing.” I think that repetition captures the heart of so many psalms. No matter what else is happening we can and should keep singing, singing, singing to our God.

    I’m so glad you linked up!

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