Writer Words

acceptance marvia davidsonWords. Splatters of phrases mixed with heart, healing, emotion, fire, pain, solace, and the Divine. Words.

They matter. I love words. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I think I began my first journal somewhere around the age of 15. To be honest, I wrote songs first. I could hear soaring melodies and dissonant harmonies in my head. Words joined themselves together like arms linking one to another.

Lyrics would form, and I would sing them. I love doing this. But… 2013 brought a different kind of writing that allowed me to see the beauty of words on a page in a different way. I took on writing a memoir and more inspirational nonfiction. I never called myself a writer before. I had a difficult time owning that truth.

I am a writer.

Maybe I don’t fit the traditional definition, maybe you don’t either. That’s okay. The truth of the matter is this :: my words matter whether written for print or written to vocalize. I accept them both, and this has been the greater gift of epiphany, of total self acceptance.

I don’t have to live separate writing identities, and neither do you. We can be fully ourselves who we are, who we’re made to be. We can show all our glory. We can speak in whispers or scream from the rafters.


Fling them far and wide. They will catch.

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Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Writer Words

  1. Love your words. Love how they flow together. Love how they echo what’s in my heart. Love that they are truth. Thank you so much for sharing. So grateful for FMF and the writers I am able to discover because of this community.

  2. “My words matter whether written for print or written to vocalize. I accept them both, and this has been the greater gift of epiphany, of total self acceptance.” I’m glad you’ve found this place of peace with your gift! You certainly have one. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    I found you via 5 minute friday! 🙂

  3. You are a very gifted writer. I imagine that your song lyrics are pretty special as well. I am glad that you are owning the truth of this gift the Lord has given you. Thanks for sharing today. I’m dropping by from 5 Minute Friday, and so glad I did.

  4. I am so enjoying this week’s FMF posts, and yours is no exception! Thanks for sharing. Keep writing!

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