I Want to Write About…

holy hush marvia davidsonI want to write about ….
The heaviness of a heaving sigh
Souls writhing in want of release
Hearts captured and embraced in the divine
Hope in the unseen
Grace in the uncommon hours

Visions of wings unfurling full length
Flight in deepest deep and highest height

You and me at the table
A precious communion of kindred souls
Coffee cups, hot tea, and chocolate sprinkled with delight

Nakedness, barren brokenness
Hearts split open singing the wholeness refrain

I want to write about the holy hush
The Still Small Voice echoing, coaxing
Calling the Beloved home

Shadows between the folds of His majestic robe
Hiding in the secret place where all is restored
How my life speaks in His presence – Hope Giver
His Shimmering gaze falling about my holy broken
His ardent Love consuming line, and, crease, wrinkle

I want to write about being unbecoming
and becoming

Pressing In
Wild Expectation
The instigation of Hope
Being, believing, embracing the whole of You

The intimate connection of me and the Creative Divine
Little breaths enlivening my dry bones
Catalysts, Change Agents, and Instigation

Him.  Him in the unseen, behind the scenes
Hemming me in
Radical soul care
Radical self care
Defying my perception

I want to write about the rise
The rising flames from belly-smoldering rubble

She too will rise.

SU-profilepicMaybe you call it poetry. Maybe you call it freewrite. Whatever you call it is fine with me. I call it a soul-blurt. This was my writing contribution and investment in my own creative work as part a Story Sessions Write-In.

I love this dynamic digital coffee-shop-like space where women unite and roar their story-brave, and maybe you will too.


6 thoughts on “I Want to Write About…

    • Jamie, you caller-outer you!!!! I’m trailing your footfall because!!! Your words help make many of us brave! Thank you for reading and i’m glad we were in the Write together! Twas fun!

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