Shadow Keeper

shadow keeper marvia davidson 1

She was a shadow keeper
Hidden in the hush of quiet
A dreamer bright with
Living hopes and silent dreams

She was a door keeper
Closed off behind a veil of separation
A child slighted by cruel words
Backward glances and doubting ears

 shadow keeper 3 marvia davidson 2
She was a wound keeper
Sheltered in the cleft of broken bearing
A shattered heart with
Unspoken pain and smoldering embers

She was a sword-war keeper
Violently thrashing in her own bottled way
A bleeding warrior pierced
by the unbecoming and betraying embrace

shadow keeper marvia davidson 3

She is a story keeper
wholly embracing all of life
A woman on fire
With lovely chards of
Healing written across the sky

I have been all these things and more.  I have lived this story in different ways. I am still living out this beautiful, messy, unfolding.  I have learned and still am learning to accept the whole wonderful reckoning.  And so it is for each of us.  

We are as we were.  We are as we have been.  We become what we believe.  Who we once were can be redeemed, if redemption is needed.  Who are once were can be wholly loved, if we are needed.  Who we once were is not the end of the story. We can rewrite it.  We can reclaim the stunning beauty that was always within us.

Today is International Women’s Day.
I want to tell you something.
So listen up…

Woman, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, cousin, lover, friend, restorer, child-bearer, bridge-builder, go-getter, life maker, and all the multi-faceted parts of our collective selves…

You are whole.
You are loved.
You are enough.
You do matter.
You are intelligent.
You are wonderfully made
(every line, and crease, and wrinkle).
You are a change agent.
You are a difference maker.
You are more than the sum
of all your parts.
You are you and that’s just so beautiful.

Women everywhere … We are each lovely stories.  We are conflict, drama, comedy, tragedy, broken bits, soaring melodies, haunting harmonies, bitter ends made bright again, world changers, chords of grace, rising mercy, heart restorers, souls rejoicing, nurturers, stand-uppers, believers, healers, and come-along-siders.

We are a worldwide sisterhood linking, joining hands and arms.

To women everywhere from every tribe, and tongue, and nation … I honor you.  I bless the woman you are, have been, and will be.  I tell you now, you have all the permission you need to just be you.  The girl you once were, she’ll come back to you.  The one of beautiful earth, soothing voice, and heart on fire.  We need the whole of you.  We won’t settle for anything less.  So come.  As you are, just come.  There’s room enough for every voice at the table of sisterhood.

SU-profilepicLinking up today with the Story Sessions Community, a place where women roar and claim their brave.  Come join the story and stand with the women – the sisterhood.

WE are stronger together than we ever were apart.


19 thoughts on “Shadow Keeper

  1. Marvia, holy cow, lady. This stuff makes my heart burn. Incredibly anointed, raw, passionate, fire. I loved reading your heart here, Coach.

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