Fearless Footwear

Though I’ve only known Melinda for less than a handful of months, I love how she tells a story.  I think you will too.  I first met her through Story Sessions, and I am grateful to have her sharing her beautiful words on pressing in beautiful, fearless footwear.


You know what I enjoy most about having a love affair with shoes?

I can be outside of my goal weight, sporting a dull, blemished complexion with grey, wiry roots popping right out of my hairline- but the confidence that comes from wearing the right pair of shoes just cannot be ignored.

My shoes ground me. They speak of my presence and my purpose. They are what express my posture and my confidence. Now, before you go thinking about how silly that confidence is, let me tell you how I arrived here.

I was a master-colorist working in the salon; I was the go-to girl for color corrections, the specialist. And let me tell you, I have seen it all: The blonde highlights turned green; the at-home bleaching disasters; the medium brown that turned out black; the poodle perms; the chemical haircuts and the brand new redhead whose husband hated it. I’ve seen it all and fixed it all.

Each and every day I had my work cut out for me – from trying to calm down the distressed guest to challenging my knowledge of chemistry and color education.

But before any work was to be done, one of the most important aspects of these types of appointments was being sensitive to the guest’s feelings and establishing trust. Usually, the woman sitting in my chair had brought a whole lot of baggage: doubt, fear and frustration. There may have been several days filled with tears, scarf-wearing and a temporary hide-out; not to mention the financial stress of having to shell out more money to fix what you just paid to have done. And these corrections are not cheap, mind you.

There was no magic wand and there were never any magic words.  There was, however, a skeptical, wounded, desperate woman in my presence- seeking help- in front of a mountain of procedures, undoing and doing-over, right in front of me.

I knew how crucial it was to establish trust from the very start. This started with my own confidence. When I would go out to greet my guest in the waiting area, my steps were sure – my stride was straight with an upright posture. Before we even began a consultation, I had to display certainty in my abilities to help build faith in order to proceed with an open and honest conversation.

I became aware of the expression on my face while she explained her horror story and relived the drama. She needed to see compassion and empathy. She needed to feel heard and understood. She needed to know she was in the right hands and that those hands were mine. And then I would speak.

I would offer her a peak at my portfolio of before and after photos, to assure her I had done this before; I pulled up a stool to gently explain that this may not be fixed in just one day; I would remind her that I had the integrity of her hair in mind and although it may take some time that we would eventually get there. I did whatever I needed to do to establish assurance. Without establishing solid ground through trust and confidence, each step would have been ridden with anxiety and finger-crossing. (Ok, maybe not finger-crossing, because in my profession there is always finger crossing, always.)

Hebrews 10:19-39 speaks of creating this assurance before pressing in; teaching us to establish a solid ground before confidently walking forward. We all face moments of blind faith where we solely cling to our trust and knowledge of who our Father is, to bring us the strength to carry on. We cannot gracefully persevere until we are reminded of who we are, of whose we are, and of the hope to which we possess. Then, we are able to move in firm steps. Then, we are reminded of the courage we bear that allows us to stand our ground.  We are called to fasten ourselves to our great confidence, Jesus; He is what supports our pressing in and pressing on.

I spent a good amount of time creating an atmosphere of trust in my chair, so that I could freely press in to what was being asked of me, the service I was to continue in and stay confident throughout  – not just believing in my talents and abilities, but also in the original source of confidence: Jesus Christ. I trusted that he placed this woman in my chair for divine purpose, as this was my ministry, this was the place in which He was working through me.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of how great my God is, the depth of his love for me, and of the blessed and prosperous destiny he has over me. I have to be refreshed in my understanding of him when I face mountains, challenges and any unfortunate circumstances, in order to peacefully take the strides necessary to move onward and upward.  I have to put on shoes that ground me as a royal heir to the King, prepared for whatever comes my way.

When I face the mud and mires of life, he is my mukluks; when I stand on the sands of shifting ground, he is a sturdy sandal; When I look up at the steep, rocky ridges, He is my hiking boot; when I dance at the ball of blessings, He is my peep toe-stiletto; When I ease into the days exhaustion, He is my wool slipper; When I maneuver around the beasts of depression, He is my steel toe boot; When I go out to offer hope to the desperate woman in the waiting room of the salon, He is the confident click of my poised heel as it hits the marble floor.

I have a love affair of shoes that are grounded in confident faith. This I know: His love has made me whole. He is the Author of my life and has given me rich purpose. His faithfulness has built complete trust in me.  His wealthy of power fills me with hope.

My walk is confident and sure. These are truly my best shoes and I tell you what, they go with everything.


melinda cadwaller

Melinda is a wife, mother of 3 and a glamour enthusiast who enjoys all things cottage living; from raising chickens and gardening to home cooked meals and living whimsically on a shoe string budget; all without losing her zeal for fabulous makeup, good hair color and swanky shoes.

Melinda is a writer and speaker whose aim is to empower and equip women to come alive as the lead character of their own life’s novel, leading a great story with confident faith. She is currently writing her first book, The New Matriarch, that speaks of strategies for living as a woman whose posture represents the power of her presence.

Y0u can find Melinda at writing at Equipped Woman and on Twitter too @equippedwoman.


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