Not Feeling It but Pressing In

beauty now jamie bagley for marvia davidsonI didn’t always feel like pressing in. There were many moments I wanted to turn and walk – no – run away. Far away. It is the human impulse to turn tail and flee when life is barking at you back. But what good is running away if the dream still chases you down, refusing to let you go?What good is hiding, when the dream is the shadow in your darkness? What good is trying to walk away, when the dream trails your footfall?

There is no good in the hiding. WE were not made to be cowards. WE were made to engage this life with every fiber of our being. We were made to be triumphant. But you don’t just spritely wake up one day and “feel” triumph. It doesn’t just come upon you like fairy dust transforming you from pauper to princess. Let’s be real here, pressing in is hard work. It is willful work. It is a supreme act of your volition to get up and say, “I will do this “thing” whatever that thing is that haunts you.  Even in the face of fear, taunting, and sideways glances you must choose yourself.

Choose this wild dream.  You must PRESS IN. This is life. It begs the question. What are you doing? Why are you waiting? Why are you following rather than leading your heart’s passion? Hard questions, I know. I am in that asking place myself.

Over the next few months I’m taking on a new journey. Well, it’s not really new. It’s a journey that has been bubbling over for a long while. Ignoring it has proven futile. So I’ve turned my ear and soul to listen. I write. I like writing and have for years, but in 2013 I called myself a writer. Now there is an accountability that goes with such a statement.

My dreams have been telling me to step out, but my knuckles, clenched with fear, have clung to the safety of walls and shadows for too long. It keeps asking, and I cannot continue to disregard the voice of these dreams rising up.

What is this journey? To write on purpose, with purpose, and with all the fervor I can muster. But I begin this walk by pressing in. I’ve invited a few of my story sisters to talk about this business of pressing in. It’s not easy you know, but then again, what dream ever came without diligent, fighting work?  I hope you will be encouraged throughout this series.  May you’ll find the strength to keep moving forward.

So I’m here in this space, making myself do the things I think I cannot do because I must. The dream won’t let me go.

At the end of my life, I’d like to say to my Creator, “I gave it all I had – with every tear and every drop of sweat, I poured my life into doing what you asked.” What about you? Join us on this journey. You’re not alone. We’re not alone. We can do this together. Let’s press in to living full, bold lives that draw us into living with heightened purpose and action. I’m going to be intentional in this pursuit even if I’m not feeling it. A year from now I want to be able to say, “I did it, and the reward was worth it all.”
press in marvia davidson
So come on along. We’ll press in higher. We’ll press in deeper. We’ll join hands and spur each other on.


Need a swift kick of motivation? {Read my friend Esther’s inspirational book Unleash Your Wild}. I read it, and it was a beautiful gust of “Go! Move forward!”

Pressing is also a subtle remind to stick with my #oneword365 – #intentional.

intentional marvia davidson


2 thoughts on “Not Feeling It but Pressing In

  1. WE were made to engage this life with every fiber of our being. YES. We were. I love your heart, my friend. Thanks for sharing this. xo

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