She Flew

she flew by Jennifer Upton A Shared LensI didn’t always love being in tight knit community, but that’s because I was afraid. 2013 became a year of wing spreading, muscle flexing, and flying.  These days, I am much less fearful and embracing community, embracing the words, and welcome the fire in my belly.  These mighty women inspire me.

In the Story Sessions writing community, women encourage and empower one another. No voice is silenced. Every soul there is learning to sing her song and roar her brave.

Come join this beautiful unfolding story. But before you do, take a listen (click the pic below or read on) of my response to a Story Sessions Write-In a week ago. The prompt was :: “She Flew…

Possible - Pursue the Dream

She flew

Over every inclination
To fall back into deception
Far away from discombobulation

She flew high in the sky
As far as her wings could take her
Over every ruthless objection
In wide exasperation

She flew (yes she did)
She flew (way up high)

She said
I’ve had enough
Of living like a broke down ostrich
Head down, stuck in the sand

It’s time to fly
So she flew

Maybe you want to
Fly in the sky too
You can
You know yes you can

What’s holding you back
From reaching up high
Flex what muscle you have

You’ll fly high
Over every doubting Thomas
No falling back into seclusion
Far away from snaring conclusions

You’ll fly (yes you will)
You’ll fly (way up high)

It’s time let’s go for a ride
Let’s fly


3 thoughts on “She Flew

  1. I love you, Marvia, and your beautiful, blossoming heart! Pure beauty radiating from your voice, your words, and I really felt we all were flying together, as I listened to your song! 🙂

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