When I Feel Heard

Photo by Jennifer Upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

When you look me in the eye and really see me

When you tell me what my heart cannot put into words
When you hold the sighs and heavy breaths
between the crackling chards of quiet exasperation
When in that moment I am your priority,
I feel heard.

Heard when you don’t let me back away from hard truth
Heard when you don’t let me shrink away in fear
Heard when you’re not busy doing other
things when we’re together
Heard when you don’t bulldoze the
conversation and point me to Jesus
as though He weren’t already present
and sitting with me
in the ‘hard thing.’

Heard when you don’t trivialize the brokenness
bleeding from the sores of my soul’s pain
Heard when you don’t talk over me as though to
drown out the silence that’s been
seeking my drowning destruction.

When do I feel heard?

When you enter into my story,
read between the lines, and share
the shreds of hope you see flying
on erect poles standing in the middle
of this mess.

When you sit in the shadows
and invite me to shade
When your voice reminds me
Whose I am
When you remind me of the lyric
of sacred melodies woven in
this heart long before
I came to be.

I feel heard.
I am heard.

Hearing in the distance – whispers
… “step in a little closer; come up a little higher.”


Photo by Jennifer Upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

This is a second poem I wrote for a Story Sessions Write-In.  Creative women from every walk of life gather online, write, and brave their words one before another.  Come along and join the story.  We’d love to hear your voice.

Listen to When I Feel Heard here on Soundcloud.


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