A Baker’s Dozen – Remembering 2013

 Reflection, looking back, and thinking deep are things I like to do.  I think of writing as a way of cataloguing life – its ups, downs, and all-arounds.  2013 was just one of “those” years.  You know the kind?  You scratch your head wondering what the heck just happened here.  Yeah, that’s the one.

This has been a year of tossing, turning, breaking, connecting, stepping back, and moving forward.  It has been a year of unexpected blessing and grace in the uncommon hours.


Today, I want to share with you my favorite words from 2013.  Maybe they’ll remind you that even among the ashes, there is beauty.

On hope, belief, and connection …loved marvia davidson.jpg

  1. Remembering who you are is always a paramount hope.  It Was Always Who You Were – that authentic soul divinely created for good works.
  2. Who you are and what you are meant to do is precious, holy, and beautiful. Invest in Your Life, and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by the unfolding story meant to told and shared.
  3. Giving birth to Wild Dreams. In Honor of International Women’s Day, I thank Elora Nicole for being a “girl on fire.”
  4. Ways to remember we are the beloved.  It comes in community connection.  Here is a Blessing for the Beloved.  May you feel heaven’s breath reviving your soul.

On letting it go, moving forward, loving the whole of life …youll get through marvia davidson

  1. Sometimes we must choose to believe there is beauty in the storm and calm in the noise.  There is Hidden Treasure in the Mess of Life.
  2. Perhaps you find yourself doing the impossible and launching dreams you didn’t even know you had.  Maybe the key to real living is  Knowing Your Purpose and Walking in the Knowing.
  3. It may come as a surprise to you that your gifts have the power to change lives.  Let the fire in your belly fuel the passion in your heart.  You will find Beauty from the Ashes and Some Wild Goslings.
  4. We each have a choice.  We can love or loathe our lives.  What will you choose?  Accidental Transition: It’s Not About the Boxes; it’s about living in the moment and finding a strength you didn’t know you had.

On starting new, keeping the faith, dreaming big, and being You …be fearless marvia davidson

  1. Leave the noise of the world behind.  Press in to the beating dream in your heart.  It’s okay to begin again. Wonder and Pain can lead us to truth.
  2. Don’t lose heart.  Keep faithing it.  I Miss God, but He is still ever faithful.
  3. Get comfortable with letting the real you shine.  Because the real you is beautiful. To Be Naked To Bare It All is beautiful.
  4. We must be because we are.  Making the Space to live your whole live is needed.  Are you living it well, aloud, without reservation, and with bold confidence?
  5.  Your art matters – whatever form it takes, make it matter.  We need your voice, your beauty, and your gift.  You are a blessing; so share your Art Everyday #19 .

I want my next year to be a better year.  I know that will take effort on my part.  It will mean doing things that may make me uncomfortable.  It may mean engaging even when I don’t want to.  It will mean going after the dreams with fire and gusto.  It will mean being willful, purposeful, and unapologetic.  It will mean setting clear and definable boundaries.  And that means saying “no” without guilt.

Get Creative

Get Creative

Perhaps it will be a banner year.  I don’t know.  I only know this truth: I am NOT alone.  I will hear my Father’s voice reminding me  whether I turn right or left: “this is the way walk in it.”  This is comfort enough.  For 2014, I want my life to sing of intention, being intentional, and living with deep and honest intentionality.  I have no resolutions other than to continue moving forward in life towards being.

Throughout this year I’ve come to know that the doing in life comes from the being.  So let’s live by just being and let the being become what we do.

What will be your one word for 2014?  What will be your One Thing that propels to you to achieve the impossible in 2014?  I’d love to hear your stories.


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