Making the Space – Own Your Dream

what dreams may come marvia davidsonFire.  Passion.  Hope.  Momentum.  Dreams have this kind of spark.

Have you ever had a dream burning in your heart?  It’s flames consuming your every waking moment.  It won’t leave you alone.  It won’t let you go.  It wants you to stop what you’re doing right now and take notice.

This is your life.  It is screaming from the rafters.  Its voice is ripped, swollen, and bloody from every attempt to catch your ear.

Now it is pounding.  Pounding louder.  It won’t go away.  It will not be silenced.  You even hear it getting closer. Do you want to go to the grave with this melodic song?  Is it your aim to have your epitaph read, “I am her soul, her creative bent, her calling, her purpose, and all she was really meant to be.  She kept ignoring me, so I slew her.”  A bit dramatic?  Yes. Are you listening now?  Do you really sense the weightiness of the call, the dream, the blazing fire?

Are you afraid?  Have you been diving into more and more busyness just so you don’t have to deal with the reality that you aren’t really living an authentic life?  It’s time to take notice.  NOW!

How do you do that without sacrificing anything? Well, to be honest, I don’t think you can.  You have to have some real-talk conversations with yourself.  A heart-to-heart is in order.  A conversation with a friend you trust.  Writing it out.  Speaking it out.

It means accountability.  It means honoring the imaginative presence dancing on the fringes of your own soul.  It means boundaries – the healthy ones that allow you to see what really matters, what you need to step away from, and what you need to lean into.

There’s no magic bullet.  There’s no easy answer.  There’s no short cut.  There is only dreaming and building, reconstructing, deconstructing, and continually moving forward.  It’s how to punch the fear hardcore in the face.  It’s how you make the goals reality. I don’t know about you, but I think life is meant to be lived fully right now.

What does that mean for you?  For each of us it will look different.  But know this … that gnawing you sense wants you to listen, to dive deep, and to take notice.  What is the whisper beckoning you to step in a little closer and come up a littler higher?

Don't stop moving

Don’t stop moving

You, my friend, can do this.  One step at a time, you CAN do this.  All that’s required is that you take one step forward.  Lean in, and join the movement of people who are willing to take the risk to be who they were really made to be.

We welcome you and all your big dreams!


5 thoughts on “Making the Space – Own Your Dream

  1. Ah yes, Marvia… so long – too long – I lived to please others, doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing. Now I’ve come out of hiding and am pursuing living a life of passion, moving toward authentic, and loving my life more than ever! You have hit the nail on the head – and I’m so looking forward to what 2014 holds in store for us!!!

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