To Be Naked

Woman with her arms outstretched looking up towards the sun microsoftWriting has been one of those things I’ve enjoyed for most of my life.

I admit  much of my writing has been held in private trust, and that’s okay.  Joining a writing community that encourages you to invite others to the private story-trust, to be bold, be more, and walk out the authentic call is better.

In the connecting, sharing, and baring it all comes a community that embraces the whole of you.

Today I’m over at Esther Emery’s  blog talking about what happens when all is stripped bare and you’re stark naked before the world. This isn’t that shaming kind of naked. It is the naked of preparation, sanctification, wholeness, beauty, and restoration.

Come see what it means to live in the discomfort. You just might find that throwing off the weight of things that don’t matter will free you to be the real you. I’d love to hear your stories too about getting real and being just you.

How will you bloom?


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