Art Everyday – Day 20

The Message Remains

The Message Remains


I create art with my words. It’s what I enjoy doing. And while I love the process of creating and writing, I find myself at the corner of there’s-so-much-more-I-could-do and solitude’s whispers.

There is a call for solace and stepping back. Maybe you’ve been hearing it too.

I think good art often requires a break – space to inhale deep and exhale slow. We were not made for constant go-go-go. We were made for rest too. The artist’s hands may repose, but that doesn’t mean the creating is over. It is simply the acknowledgement that more will come if I choose to press in to the soul’s desire for respite. I like that kind of journey.

So today, I take hold the warmth of solitude’s embrace. My art will not cease. It will only be “at rest,” breathed into, refreshed, restored, renewed, and revitalized.

How will you press in to the call to just put your feet up and relax? I begin my journey with a poem my heart penned. Perhaps you’ll take a solitude journey too.

flourish marvia davidson

Solitude’s Journey

… because …
some journeys you must walk without distraction
some journeys you must live by your faith
some journeys you must trust the Sovereign One
some journeys you must heed His Voice

some journeys are because it is the step you need
some journeys are because your soul is weary
some journeys are because you hear the Call
some journeys are because He is jealous for you

some journeys defy explanation
some journeys defy logic
some journeys defy community
some journeys defy the world

some journeys take you deeper and farther
some journeys take you higher and closer
some journeys take the sting from life

One journey will lead you from glory to glory
One journey will lead you to hope everlasting
One journey will lead you to ardent love

… because …

The journey of solitude is worth it all.
He is worth it all

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2 thoughts on “Art Everyday – Day 20

  1. “Advance by retreating” is one of the words God gave me many years ago… and so I bless this retreat, Marvia… thinking of you always and missing you… but glad for this sacred space you have carved for yourself and I’m rejoicing in all the good that God is pouring into you!

    • thank you Susan. this will be one of those interesting journeys of discovery, letting go, daring greatly, and moving forward despite the fears. here’s to advancing by taking care of what really matters.

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