Art Everyday – Day 19

empty create marvia davidsonBlank

Have you ever come to a project filled with ideas and inspiration only to suddenly stop?

You find yourself upon the precipice of the deep and empty void – a vast ocean of possibility, but you are tied to the shore.

I sometimes find that my mind goes further than my heart can keep up with. Creativity sparks recklessly flash here and there leaving a trail of singed remains of what could have been and might have become.  Moving too fast.  This requires reigning in the “manys” and funneling it down to the essence of what really matters.

That is life sometimes.  We get caught up to the moving, grooving, doing, and active living. Maybe we forget about stillness.  Maybe we don’t remember we were made for Sabbath.  Perhaps we see the warning signs and simply ignore them – that is until that very thing you passionately want to do leaves you a with an unfilled, cleared-out, exhausted bag of “can-do-no-more.”  Your soul is speaking.

Try as you might, the magic doesn’t happen.  The mojo is gone.  The fire has dwindled to embers.  Crushed?  Wondering? Reeling? Questioning? Ready for reprieve?

When and how did that happen?  How did we not see the smoke of dreams going up in flames or the screaming whispers of the soul saying “take notice, beware, we need rest”?

Blank pages are not our enemy.  Empty spaces are not the foe.  Maybe the creative void speaks in hushed tones of a let-it-rest-now.  This is an opportunity to just “be.”  And while it may feel extremely uncomfortable right now, your heart will thank you.  Your passion will thank you.  Your creative spirit will thank you.  How?

sacred space marvia davidson

You give yourself permission to not have to do it all 24/7.  You allow your body, mind, and soul to relax for a while.  You break from the can-do-without things consuming or wasting your time.  Only you know what those things are.  And maybe that reprieve is a day, an hour, a week, a month.  Whatever this Sabbath might look like to you, for the sake of your art and what you have to offer the world, take it.  There will be beautiful joy in the silence of solitude.

May you find complete renewal and recover heightened fervor for living and being all the Creator meant for you to be and do.


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7 thoughts on “Art Everyday – Day 19

  1. Ah, I get that, when you say your mind goes further than your heart can keep up with. Exactly! Taking time for renewal is so necessary. I’m feeling that longing, that pull toward sabbath. Love your words, Marvia!

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