Art Everyday – Day 16


Life can be full of surprises in the everyday ordinary mundane.  You go about your business running errands, driving around, stop and go, and hardly a moment to relax.  Weekends can sometimes be that way.  But sometimes the vibrant life of living things interjects.

Surprises present themselves when you stop and smell the roses.



When was the last time you took a long deep breath of natural air, trees, flowers, or the scent of the woods?  These are invigorating smells.  The scent of life is bursting before the winter takes its final turn.  I’m thankful today for the roses.

And even in my favorite color – a calming fragrance of freshness – filled my nostrils.  The Creator is Good and Kind.  He knows me well and all that makes my soul at ease.  I appreciate the natural artistic beauty His hands have made.

tiny bud marvia davidson

Little surprises also come when you allow for interruptions of wonder, exploration, or mini expeditions, and even staycations.  Mine was an accidental find of food, jewelry, and community.  This was what I came away with – French  macarons.  They are serious tasty bites!

tasty bites marvia davidson

So how about you?  How have you been living?  Taking in deep cleansing breaths? Stretching yourself in new directions? Taking on different forms of art?

Our lives are too short.  Let’s take advantage of the time we have right now.

Live in the beautiful.

You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative. Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month


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