Art Everyday Month – Day 14


Not all art requires a flurry of activity. There may be times where art beckons something deeper.


Art is breathing deep fresh air. It is resting in the space of solace. It is a holy stillness that bids you hush now.

When was the last time you were captivated by the shhhh? Have you ever been caught in the gracious pull of solitude’s embrace?

Precious moments of rest just might be callin you out. I know they’re calling me.

So my art today is simply resting in just being – still, quiet, tranquil, and wrapped in the shadow of calm. Because sometimes art is born in the doing of nothing.

Are you resting well?


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Art Everyday Month


2 thoughts on “Art Everyday Month – Day 14

  1. Art is born in the stillness and silence…. yes. I was reading last night in “The Artist’s Way” that when we are busy, busy, busy we are blocking our creativity. Sometimes we work so hard because culture says “it is good” … but I wonder if just the opposite is really what is needed…. a return to stillness, soaking in the sun, receiving nourishment from above so that we can pour out and be a blessing.

    I enjoy coming to your place, Marvia, because you bring me back to the simple basics of real life 🙂

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