Art Everyday Month – Day 12

before marvia davidson



Today I practice the art of writing and doodling. I’m seriously amateur, and I’m okay with that.

The goal is to simply try something new. No shame. No high expectations, and surely no measures of perfection.

Practicing art like this makes me remember how life comes in stages. At each stage is the unfolding of a creative idea. Sometimes it is unclear and fuzzy. But as we continue moving forward, images and clarity are refined. We can see what we need to do next. Of course, not all of life is this way.

Sometimes we go for long stretches in which we have to keep crafting and moving forward. We have to fight the temptation to give up. We must press forward.

An interesting thing about the creative process is the moment you see where you need to abandon the art and leave it be.

done marvia davidson

No Extra Flourish Needed

Not every space has to be filled. Not every line has to be stained with color. Isn’t that like life?

We want to live it fully, but then we go overboard and wear ourselves out. We may even wish for a do-over.

after marvia davidson

Near Finished

This reminds me that knowing when to stop editing one’s life is like editing and refining art. At some point, we step back and say to ourselves, “it is enough; nothing more is needed.”

Lesson learned. The wonderful grace of it all is that we have another opportunity to try again. So here’s to practicing art, living more graciously with ourselves, and not giving up on being our unique, authentic creative bent.

Happy creating!

You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative. Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month


4 thoughts on “Art Everyday Month – Day 12

  1. Your blog is so refreshing.
    I’ve been writing poems and I keep wanting to pinch and tweak them until they say exactly what I want to communicate. But maybe it’s time to let them go and see if they can fly? Time to say “enough?” I’m still working on my brave. Sometimes it’s really, really hard. Your words were so encouraging today. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Jamie, this has been and interesting writing challenge, but it’s good for me to think differently while “attempting” to delve into other forms of art. Glad you were encouraged!!!

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