Art Everyday Month – Day 11

me art marvia davidsonRemember Whose You Are

We are intricately designed and utterly unique.  No two of us are alike.  Our lives toss and turn, ebb and flow, traversing hills and valleys.  We are who we are who we really are.  Did you catch that?

When I think about art tonight, I realize many times I come “blank.” There seems to be nothing to offer, no paint to spill, no comfort to design, or no recipe to bake.

Empty pages, quiet stares, and broken down dreams.  It seems so piercing a loss, but then –

A funny thing begins to happen the longer the eyes trace the uncontained, unfilled space.  The mind wanders the trail.  The starting ignites.  And then … you remember.

this is me marvia davidson

You remember who you are.  You remember the fire in your belly.  You feel the burning heat of a rising dream.   You hear the whisper of what was, what is, and what can be.

Hope settles in deep, and you are inspired.  I am inspired – as though a holy gust of wind broke through my wrecking, and brought order to the chaotic.  It is the Voice of the Creator calling me back to belonging and image bearing.

Remember Whose you are.

Chosen, beloved, accepted, purposed, and redeemed.  You cannot measure the soul of a person, but you can see the measure of passion by what a person creates.

What does your art say about you?

You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative. Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month

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