Art Everyday Month – Day 9




My painting tools are stocked away in storage, so what do I have to make my art? My cell phone camera.  Not the best tool, but it’ll do.

Today’s post is all about solitary.  It is about Solace, Silence, and Solitude.

To be in a solitary place does not always connote aloneness or loneliness.  To engage in the solitary moments is to stop, inhale deep, acknowledge the quiet space, and ponder.

Are you open to moments of whimsy and fancy?  When was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers?  Have you stood in the dark with your gaze hovering above toward luminous night skies?

There is wonder in this world.  It is all around us.  The busyness of life robs us of simple joys and soulful content.  But what if we stood still long enough to find shade in the solitary shadows of quietude?

Breaks in the distance beckon you.  The whispers are edging ever closer upon the fringes of your right-now lives.  Maybe, today you can defer to the gravity of silence.  Maybe today you give yourself permission to disconnect from the mish-mash of noise and set aside time to just be.

Be what?

Solitary marvia davidsonBe Still.
Be Tranquil.
Be Open to wonder.
Be Filled with peace in the crevices of your soul that have long been ignored.
Be silent and wait.
Be hearing to what the Creator longs to speak to you.

There is plenty of wonder for each and everyone of us.  You’ll find it in the most unlikely places and spaces.

How has solitary discovery surprised you?  Share your stories.

You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative.  Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month


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