Art Everyday Month -Day 7

oatmeal cookies marvia davidson

What does art smell like?

It smells of butter, brown sugar, vanilla and oats.

In my house that means one thing – oatmeal cookie time.  It smells delicious. They may not be pretty, but they sure are yummy.


I enjoy baking.  It’s a unique art form.   While I’m no artistic bakery-cakery designer, I do enjoy the process of making scratch-made sweets.

sugar butter marvia davidson


Give me simplicity anyday.  Give me ease of use.  Give me no frills recipes I can actually create in less than 40 minutes – cookies are easy that way.

oatmeal cookie dough marvia davidson

No fancy-schmancy decorations.  No highfalutin, carefully crafted outer shells here.  It’s just good old fashioned tasty bites.  Just simple baking art.  For me it’s more about the ingredients inside than the outer display.

oats marvia davidson

The fun of baking art is adding your own personal touch to every recipe.  You find what works for you and stick with it.

oatmeal cookie dough marvia davidson


You’ll always end up with food you can stomach when you make the food yourself.  No additives.  No high fructo-foolishness.   No add preservatives.  And if cream weren’t so expensive, I might just try making my own butter for baking.

baking sheet marvia davidson

Baking your own dessert art is fun and can also be therapeutic.  Try it sometime.  You just my spark your inner creative.


You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative.  Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month


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