Art Everyday Month – Day 6

Dive in marvia davidsonTime to Start Again

You know what’s cool about art?  It doesn’t exist until you create it.  Canvas, paper, metal, stone.  The art doesn’t happen until you make it happen.  Sometimes that’s a hard thing.  Sometimes the “blank” is overwhelming, and we are paralyzed with fear.

Why is that so?  Why do we fear becoming what we are made to be?  I surely haven’t got all the answers because I’m moving from fear to faith and believing just like many of you.  Here’s the real deal: every blank canvas, page, sheet, piece of stone or clay is a vessel upon which we cast a little more light and hope into this world.

the journal marvia davidson

Maybe that’s the reason I get so excited every time I start a brand new journal.  It’s an opportunity to see what I’ve overcome, where I’ve been, and to plan for the future.  It is a time, I can see with a new set of eyes.  Fresh, untainted pages beckon me to dream, create, and sort through myriad swirling thoughts.

A new start.  Couldn’t we all do with one of those?

I started my challenge with markers and paper, but it quickly became an epic fail, or so I was thinking.  As I thought about what I created, it dawned on me that markers are not my medium.  I prefer the acrylics and oil pastels – maybe because I can create softer lines, brush strokes, and splashes.

before ...

before …

All is not lost.  The brief experiment with markers wasn’t a failure after all.  It was more of a clarity spark, a reminder to utilize practice with the tools that facilitate the artistic bent.  My little art piece was salvaged with photo editing – still not perfect but I can see where it can go with brush and pastels.

The good news is this – even our failures provide us insight for success in the journey.

everyday hope marvia davidson

after …

So here’s to new beginnings on new pages.  You can always start over.  You can rip out a page, white it all out, or wipe the canvas clean because each day is one where you can “start” to live again.

There is no shame in beginning again.

You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative.  Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month

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