Art Everyday Month – Day 4

trees marvia davidson

Breathing Room

I love the art of silence.  It is that stillness that settles over your soul and sinks deep into the crevices of your heart.  Call it peace.  Call it tranquility.  Call it grace.  Whatever you call it, it is an art that satisfies.


Sometimes it is the whimsical whisper of leaves gently rustling.  Sometimes it is the hum.  Sometimes it is the act of breathing deep.  Still … it is art.

I find beauty unfolds in quiet and silence.  There is a steady soft-pounding rhythm of the heart.  And for a moment it seems the interruptions of life are paused.  We can inhale more deeply.  We can exhale what we’ve been futilely hanging on to.

Write Art

Write Art

Art everyday in the ordinary mundane is revealed in hidden treasures all around us.  It’s the way the changing colors of leaves catch your eye.  It’s the brilliant piercing sound of thunder.  It’s the pealing lightning show.  And it’s sitting quietly on the floor staring at the blank pages.

That’s life more me right now.  I caught a quiet moment.  My first inclination was to turn on the television, which I did, but quickly turned it off because the cable was out.  A happy accident.  Welcome, reprieve.  I needed the stillness.

clouds marvia davidson

It reminded me I have things to do and a life to live.  There are so many things in which I need to engage, so disengaging from mindless television is no loss.  It gave me breathing room.  It gave me the subtle remind to live with intention.

What do your quiet moments speak to you?  This week allow the silent moment to speak.  You’ll find an unraveling beauty beckoning you to join its stillness song.

You’ll find more artists crafting their everyday creative.  Explore the community.

Art Everyday Month

4 thoughts on “Art Everyday Month – Day 4

  1. So well written Marvia! Oh how I need that stillness! I have such a hard time finding it specially this time of year when pressure in on for me coming from all sides with my online business. I do take 20 minutes each day to just chill and connect to God! I used to do “soaking” (resting in God’s presence with soft Christian music playing , connecting with my Father) and haven’t been able to do that in years! I think maybe today I will try it again. You inspire me Marvia, thanks so much

    • Jeanne, thank you. I’m with you on carving out time to rest and be still. I’m still figuring that out too. It’s hard when you have everything vying for your attention. Here’s to walking in the silence.

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