Art Everyday Month – Day 2

My Creative Kitchen … Welcome home.

bakers delight marvia davidson

Bakers Delight

Art isn’t just what’s on the painted canvas and bent steel bars wickedly wrapped in all kinds of crazy contortions.  Artists and creatives exist and operate in diverse communities, spaces, and places.

Take for instance the magic we make in the kitchen.  Simple ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, and eggs can become masterpieces in our hands.  Baking is an art and a most tasty craft.

Mini Pie Time

Mini Pie Time

Have you ever had the pleasure of little hands smashing bananas, stirring batter, or rolling out dough?  Have you ever heard the clamor, “auntie, auntie can I help? I wanna help.” from little voices dear to your heart.  “Wash your hands, and get your aprons,” I always say.  They scurry about getting ready – filled with excitement.  And for a an hour or more, we’re together getting down in the kitchen.  We often finish caked with sugary flour dust, sticky fingers, some tasty bites, and lots of giggles.  It’s pure joy!

Scratch Pie Crust

Scratch Pie Crust

I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now – even with the littlest little who was only 2 years old.  He and I made biscuits.  I told him what I was doing, put the fork in his tiny, baby hand and helped him stir the dry bits.  It was a mess, but it was the best mess ever – just auntie and nephew.

Fill Me Up

Fill Me Up

They’re growing fast too.  Now they can read the directions and measure all by themselves and I just watch and facilitate.  How’d they learn so fast?  Little spongers we

A creative space welcomes all and leaves no one behind.  This has been my life as of late.  It has been time well spent.  Job loss wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, and you can read more about that journey here.  Not even the negatives in life can erase the beautiful gift of time.

Butter n Brown Sugar

Butter n Brown Sugar

I practice different art forms, and not all are the conventional arts.  I write.  I sing.  I craft.  I bake.  These are the art realms in which I dabble.  Unemployment

Mmmmmm mmm

Mmmmmm mmm

Welcome to my creative kitchen.  I like all things homemade, scratch-made, handmade, hand-crafted.  I love it all.   Made with love.   I treasure the people who invest time in the kitchen dreaming, scheming, and building perfect recipes honoring the people they love.

marvia davidson brown sugar pie

Brown Sugar Pie

Here’s my homage to all things family and community.  Take time to create in the kitchen.  You never know where the fun will lead.

marvia davidson  baked

Find more artists crafting their everyday creative, and join the community.

Art Everyday Month


3 thoughts on “Art Everyday Month – Day 2

  1. Oh my, that pie! Edible art!! The best part is how you describe the fun of baking with kids 🙂
    I see all that you’re up to Marvia… using your hands, your heart, your voice for Him. And it just awes me, really… so much beauty, so much art, so MUCH muchiness. It’s him in you, and you in Him… it gives me so much joy to see what’s cooking in your art space 🙂

    • Heee heeee. I love baking. We always have fun in the kitchen. Thank you for telling me about AEDM Susan, it’s giving my different things to write about that I wouldn’t have previously considered. Grateful for you sister! ❤

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