Even Your Broken Pieces

Fragile by marvia davidson


That moment you write and write and write. A flood gate opens and your soul begins to show. You know? The one you put back into hiding. The one God desires. The one that’s the real you. Yeah. That one. The one that was wounded and bearing a heavy load. The one that spoke no more for fear of unwanted reprisal. Yeah. That one.

How profound to know that God loves the whole of you – even your broken pieces. How encouraging to be reminded that He gets the final Word on every aspect on your life. Son, daughter – you have promise!

So you can chunk the junk that didn’t belong in the first place. Throw off the weighted words that didn’t let you fly to the Father. Break the yoke He never intended you to bear. Stand on Rock solid God-Promises not the quicksand wisdom of man.

Don’t fear. You won’t stand alone. You are surrounded by the One True King!!!

Now let that settle into your souls.


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