Thirty-Nine Things … A Moment of Grace

39 things marvia davidsonNearly 12 months ago, I lost my job.  My world was different.  My perspective was different.  I had deep wounds I needed to address.  I was about to undergo a  paradigm shift.

To say it’s been an adventure would be an understatement.  It has been a roller coaster of meandering through raging seas and calming storms.  It was full of the confrontation of paradox and lies.  It was the settling of healing truth.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve gained more understanding, become more aware, lost some lies I didn’t need, gained some truth I can’t live without, and realized my purpose, bent, and passion.  It was not an easy journey, but I am grateful for the grace of the interruption.

It gave me time.  I needed all that time to sprout, deepen, refine, shake off the dust, and discover.  Today I share with you thirty-nine things that have either happened to me or that I have realized along the road.  I consider this my altar – my rock-mounds of praise, my ebenezer.  The journey isn’t over, and the destination unclear – but this I will still believe … I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

  1. I am stronger than I think I am.
  2. My voice deserves to be heard.
  3. Community matters.
  4. My work is what I do not who I am.
  5. You can never replace time.
  6. Giggles and joys are irreplaceable.
  7. Time spent with the littles is always worth the drive
  8. While ice cream doesn’t change the circumstances, it sure does make the sting of life more tasty.
  9. I become an overcomer as I overcome.
  10.  I was made for good works long before I ever came to be.
  11. Connection keeps us grounded.
  12. The road will not be easy, but I do not walk alone.
  13. “Shame is broken when the story is spoken” via Elora.
  14.  I fit.
  15. I love my unkempt life and the story of its unfolding.
  16. My circumstances don’t have to control my attitude.
  17. Social media is a vehicle to share hope, spread joy, speak truth, and be a light in the darkness.
  18. God IS faithful and His grace is enough – yes, His grace is more than enough.
  19. I need you to really listen when I speak what’s beating fiercely deep in my soul.
  20. Every no really is one step closer to yes.
  21. You can’t walk this journey by alone.  Isolation leaves you defenseless.
  22. Losing your job doesn’t mean you lose your identity, and it’s not the end of your world.  It is a permission to have a new beginning.
  23. Impact and influence often happen with our knowing – what a weighty thought.  So live more intentionally.
  24. Grace gave me opportunity to explore, to hear, to reach out, and to rediscover.
  25. I don’t have to be like anyone else.  I can be authentically me.
  26. We were created to rest in the spaces in between losing and winning.  Take care of your temple because you’re worth it.
  27. I can start living any moment now.  I don’t have to wait.
  28. No dream is dead if I am willing to risk doing all I can to make it happen.
  29. Your life mission, passion, and dreams will not let you go.
  30. Vulnerability leads to revelation and a deeper sense of being.  Authenticity is refreshing!
  31. You can live by being and let the being become what you do.
  32. My friends really are my estate and have allowed me to be a beautiful messy walking in the truthful.
  33. I am not obligated to the world’s expectation of what I can be.
  34. I have power over me and can choose how I feel.
  35. My truth is my truth – it is my testimony; and you cannot change it because it is my story.
  36. Nothing we can do will make God love us less.
  37. The number on the scale doesn’t make me who I am.
  38. Be observant.  You don’t always have to speak what’s on your mind.  Wait for it.
  39. I am Beloved of God forever and always – nothing will take me away from His love.
On Fire

On Fire

There is grace enough for everyone one of us.  Every storm is an opportunity to grow and steady our knees by the grace of God who is always with us.  What new truths are you walking?  Take a moment to see just how far you’ve come in the last few moments.  The changes may surprise even you.

Now go live by just being and let the being become what you do and who are really are.

11 thoughts on “Thirty-Nine Things … A Moment of Grace

  1. My favorite is this one: “I can start living any moment now. I don’t have to wait.”

    My “past” self would have disagreed. For years I tormented myself with hateful words because I just didn’t think I was good enough for anything or anything. I wasn’t pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, friendly enough, extroverted enough, kind enough, strong enough and the list goes on. I was spinning myself in circles, until finally I had had it.

    I was done with the exhausting, negative merry go round. I realized that I am allowed to be happy, no matter what life throws at me.

    I enjoy reading your blog posts. You are a beautiful writer and portray such lovely images.

    • Shaking my head yes because I used to do the same when I was younger thinking I wasn’t good enough, but that is a life – so the real truth is … YES! We can do that dream firing up our souls 😉 Thank you for your encouraging words. Have a super Saturday!

  2. Those 39 memorial stones are a great foundation to build the next chapter of your life upon! Each rock is a truth hard won.

    Today I resonate most with the quote from Elora, about shame breaking in the telling of the story. Coming out of hiding and being real, is what I want most, these days.

    You truly are a woman on fire… holy fire… and I’m so glad to know you, Marvia!

  3. We all go through “the desert” at some time in our lives, as you have this year. We give it different names, but it’s the opportunity we give ourselves to prove our mettle … to ourselves. (We just haven’t been as eloquent as you about what it taught us, Marvia!) What you memorialized in words is, as Susan says, the foundation for where you go from here. And that trajectory looks endless! Brava!

  4. Hi Marvia, I loved all the thirty-nine moments of Grace that you have shared here, Number five though is something that really hit me, “You can never replace time.” When starting out a few years back with my coach this was something that I had learned but had never really thought about it before that, but now every minute of every day is so precious that I can’t bare to waste it anymore. Thanks for sharing my good friend. 😉

  5. That’s an impressive list Marvia! These are your stepping stones from that dark place of uncertainty into the light of a bright future. God Bless You as you continue along your journey. I have no doubt that it is going to be one of success 🙂

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