An App Can Do That?

Voice Matters

I recently stumbled upon a not so new app called Voxer. It’s a walkie talkie app for smart phones. Well, let’s just say its worth the download. While I know it’s just an app, it poignantly reminded me of the power of hearing the human voice.

There is something magical to hearing a voice and matching it to a face that settles the heart and encourages the soul. Voice does so much for us. It calms, reminds, steadies, edifies, and connects.

I think of the psalmist and how often the refrain was “God heard” my voice. Well,The Lord heard my voice. We hear you. I hear you.

Voices of supplication, prayer, lament, hope, anxiety, fretting … The list could go on, but God is familiar with every kind of voice and each type of utterance.

The beauty of being heard is like the act of being seen and noticed. It is as though the person listening and seeing secretly whispers, ” I see you. I’m with you. You matter.” That sense of “being with” someone has the propensity to change the nature of our circumstance.

Whom have you heard? Have your eyes really seen those who walk before you? Are you really listening? Does the voice echoing in the air remind you to just “be with” the soul bearing itself to you?

An app can do that; well, at least it can facilitate the process. Why? Because, there is room for waiting. Room to take it all in. Room to really hear and take part in someone else’s life. Hold and talk. Wait and listen. This is real life too. We live out life in the pause and reflect.

It is our right now life. We are living out story in various modes and sessions. It is a beautiful unfurling song.

Here’s to the stories and their beautiful unfolding.


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