Five Minute Friday:: She

She is a woman of worth and power.  Beautiful and precious are the dreams she carries deep in her soul.  Her presence is delightful.  Her smile is uplifting.  Her hands are healing. She is an image of all that is purposed and lovely.

Maybe you’re wondering who she is.  Where does she get such pizzazz? Maybe you considered mimicking her ways. Perhaps you’ve even desired to be just like her.

A BeautyThe funny thing is that it’s already true.  She is you.  You are she.   You are a woman of worth, value, and indomitable spirit.  Grace and truth shine through you.  Gold dust is what you leave everywhere you go.  Somehow, you make this world lovelier by simply being you.

Oh, didn’t you know?  Hadn’t you heard?  You have always been a treasure.  You have always been adorned with might and favor.

Sister, this is your time to walk it out.  She walks in beauty.  You are that loveliness.

May the words, “Who me? Nah. Must be somebody else you’re talking about,” no longer fall from your lips.  Be empowered today.  You have all you need to be who you have always been.   She is waiting wide-eyed in wonder, grinning ear to ear.  Your soul is calling you out.

Permission to live your best life now was granted the day you made your entry into this world.  So who is she?  She is you.  A woman of destiny.

Now go sing your song. The world needs to hear this song – your song – beating softly and rhythmically in your heart.

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Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday:: She

  1. Finally I’ve successfully posted my first Five Minute Friday. Thanks for the invite. Need to figure out how I can best post this. Do you use your usual Blog for this?
    Sunny Sunday Greetings

    • Gertraud,
      I just post mine on my blog and use a FMF or Five Minute Friday tag. It helps me to keep writing and to give my mind a moment to just write without over thinking. I’m going to revamp and relaunch my blog, and when I do, I’ll probably have a section for other kinds of writing I do. Hope that helps.

  2. Marvia, what a lovely description of each woman’s heart, as created and fashioned by God. It makes me think of Psalm 45 – is that the number? – which describes the king’s bride. How her dress is designed with gold embellishments…. and for today, I’m going to sing and imagine gold dust trailing me wherever I walk! I know it’s a spiritual reality… we are princesses in the Kingdom of God… great five minutes of writing, Marvia… thank you for the encouragement!

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