What Did I Get When I Got a Story Coach?


Tonight I reflect on community. I reflect on words spoken virtually. They were weighty, affirming, intentional, and uplifting. Community has spoken – whispers of bravery and even mighty lioness roars. We are caring for our writerly souls. Radical self-care (RSC) comes to mind when I think of Story Sessions , Story 101, and retreat. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we can make room to care for our own souls.

Story Session Love

Story Session Love

Tonight is RSC because soft words were spoken. Words wrapped in beauty. Words dripping with calm. Words fragrant with the scent of bright life. Words embracing a band of women who refuse to be silenced.

This IS our sisterhood. These are women I love, and though I have not met you all, I feel a connection to you. A kindred bond.

We are a community of faith whispering one to another: “Come out a little further. Step in a little nearer. I see you. I honor you.”

Here you are loved. Here you are cherished. Here you are welcomed without condition.

I needed to remember.

I needed to be reminded.

I needed the quiet, comforting solace.

So what did I get when I got a story coach? A chance to really live out a more authentic story. A chance to hear validation my voice. A chance for sisterhood without boundaries. A chance to reach, to stretch, and to push through the pain of the hard things. And here – even in this digital space, a virtual retreat – comes a quiet.

It is a quiet that beckons, “hush now, be still.” Quiet intercedes – a virtual write in – creating space to breathe. Solace, her friend, wipes the tears away and dispels weariness. This. This is radical self-care. Can you hear the rescue whisper? She’s calling …

“Come out a little further. Step in a little nearer.

I see you.

I love you.

Here you are welcome.

Here is home.”

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