Accidental Transition – It’s Not about the Boxes

Today I’m over at Leigha’s place talking about accidental transition, moving, and all the unexpected trappings of change. I met Leigha though Story 101 – a writing course that’s changed my perspective on writing and voice. I wanted to stretch myself and write on the series she posted about transition. I’ve had several these last nine months. The changes are not all bad. The best thing I’ve learned is Story matters. So today I’m sharing a bit of my transitional experience.

Transitional Movement Marvia Davidson

Transitional Movement Marvia Davidson

All packed up and ready to go. Boxes piled high. Bubble wrap strewn across the floor. The house is helter-skelter. It’s moving day. It’s another moment of transition. Are you ready? Is this what you need to do to move forward? Do you think the grass might just be greener on the other side? Is this the right thing to do? Will it solve your problems or compound them? These are all questions I’ve held secretly when it comes to moving transition.

I was an army brat. We moved to three different states and one continent over to Germany. Most of what I remember from my childhood travels are the fun trips my mother took my brothers and I on to see castles, kingdoms, and cultures we’d only read about in books.

I used to love the process of the search and the anticipation of getting ready to start something new. In a way, I still enjoy those things about moving, but as I’ve gotten older, my perception as changed. Life has changed. I have changed. The concept of “the big move” has taken on a different meaning.

Read the rest over at Leigha’s Place. I’d love to hear your stories on transition too.


2 thoughts on “Accidental Transition – It’s Not about the Boxes

  1. Marvia I jut love the way you express yourself…so free! I love that! I have moved so much in my life, specially since I met my husband. We tried the geographical cure many times. From France to Italy, to Paris, to San Francisco, Vermont, NYC and Boston. Moved again 2 years ago and that has by far been the hardest one. We are older and changes become harder. We moved two and half hours North of Boston and we feel like we live in a different country, so very different from what we experienced for the past 30 years in the suburbs of Boston. People here in Maine are isolated and very private. Men are real macho and in general don’t like women…t’s just a very different culture. We feel we need to be here even though it’s been such a stretch. It’s a beautiful place, we have a nice home, but it’s been challenging. We are in a different place emotionally, spiritually and physically than we have ever been. We left a church we loved and have none here. That’s been I think the hardest part of this move. We drive 2 and a half hours to our old chuch once or twice a month. Anyway we will get through this with God’s help!

    • I so totally relate to your story. Moving is hard. So much changes not just without but within, and you’re right – God is faithful to walk with us through every valley and up every hill. Hold faith my friend, Hold Faith 😉

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