My Favorite Keys

Favorite Keys

Favorite Keys

Volume. Shift. Eject. Enter/Return. Delete. Arrow up. Arrow down. Arrow left. Arrow right. These are a few of my favorite computer keys. I could write volumes about each of these words. Expound on their definitions. Divide the etymological meaning. Contemplate the hefty thoughts for each. I won’t do that here because, well, that would defeat the purpose of post brevity.

I can tell you the words are stand-outs tonight as they reflect right-now life. I hear my heart beating loudly of a passionate rhythm I cannot ignore. It is a music my ears must consider.
There is a shifting in my soul as God draws me out of brokenness and into wholeness. It is a healing and mending which is making me stronger.
There is an ejection of all those lies that no longer belong nor have place in my heart. They cannot remain because they rob me of life. I’ve been entering in rest – a divine Shalom where nothing is missing and nothing is broken. I’ve been returning to Truth that keeps setting me free to be all God has called and designed me to be. My soul returns to an unshakable calm.

Through every up, down and sideways step, God has been with me. He has never let me go. He has never let me down. So it is with you. God is with you. Immanuel is with you! God, the Great Shepherd, speaks above the noise to the hearts of people. He reminds us He is leading us along the winding roads of our lives. His words provide hope, direction, comfort, and grace.

Best of all is the Delete key. It is mission critical. It’s not an erasure of things completely from our lives. It is the grace to move forward, to not be bound to the past. It is the opportunity to knock down lies. It is a new day where all things become new. You get a second chance to live this right-now-life. We each have been empowered to choose to move forward. We don’t have to let the pain, or regret, or whatever the “it” is hold our future captive. Delete negative thoughts and patterns. If you made mistakes, as I have, there’s forgiveness for that too. As far as east is from west, so God has removed our sins far from us. Walk out your freedom song.

May you hear God’s whisper on the tips of your heart. May your heart shift closer in communion with Him. May your souls enter and return to abiding serenity in Him. May steps be firm and steady when life deals you heavy blows. Peace be with you.

Words of comfort I have found in the bible. I pray they lift your spirit too.
Psalm 103, 139
Hebrews 13
Psalm 16, 32, 34
Isaiah 41, 43


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Keys

    • Yes. I forgot it was called backspace because let’s just be real here – we all take steps backward. But the grace of God never calls us a failure. He simply bids us keep moving forward. And that is His grace 😉

  1. The alignment of life with the computer keys was genius, Marvia! Especially since the computer is probably the second most universal reference in human everyday lives these days … It made me think that one of the greatest differences between religions might be how each one perceives the Backspace and Delete keys: forgiveness, atonement, repentance, cardinal sin, error of our ways, and affront to the highest are just a few that come to mind. Thanks for being a thought-provoker for me today!

    • Whoah, Sharon. You took it to a whole other level that I hadn’t considered. And you’re right. Forgiveness keeps me free from entering and returning to chains. I have to affront the sin or error or else it overcomes me. You got me thinking deeper thoughts too. Thanks for reading 😉

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