God Arise

God Arise Marvia DavidsonI have said this before: I love the Psalms. They speak hope into this right-now-life. They are hope. They are life affirming. They are faith building. What rings true today is how “God sets the solitary in families. He brings out those who are bound into prosperity” (NKJV 945).

I have a family by blood. I love them dearly, but this other family in which He has set me is a story family, a networking family, and dream-building family. They have been a healing balm, a reminder of hope, and grace beyond measure. They have taught me to prosper in barren places, and now life springs. I have a soul-prosperity like never before because God has spoken truth to me through my community.

We were never meant nor made for isolation. We were made for community. Even in the moments of low and gray, God sends people our way to remind us who we are and how we are made for more. Psalm 68 speaks to the intimate connecting hand of God leading us to life. God scatters our foes, those who torment us, wreck us, malign us, and who attempt to destroy us. He makes all things right. He draws us into families who become His hands and feet bestowing loving-kindess. I do not rejoice that those who contended with me have received justice. I rejoice in God who has made my heart right, able to forgive, able to extend grace, able to love in trying circumstances, and able to receive from unexpected places.

Hope in This Moment

Hope in This Moment

Let these words wash over you. When you feel the world conspiring against you, hold fast to the promise of God in this Psalm. God, your God, is watching over your life, my life, and all our lives. We are not alone.

God arise.
Drive them away.

You went out before your people
Dropped rain, a plentiful rain
You provided from your goodness

Blessed be the Lord
Who daily loads us
With benefits
He gives strength and power
To His people

God will wound the head of His enemies
Drive them away
Let God arise

Sing to God – praises to His name
Ascribe strength to God
Blessed be God
Bless God

Beloved, this storm will pass. The Father in Heaven is with you. He has given us family, friends, and networks to hold our hands so we do not walk alone. Whisper these words in prayer.

May your hearts and souls be covered in the embrace of God Whose love never ends. His grace is enough. Bless God who gives you strength.

Linking up with Stephanie Spencer for Psalms Journey this week. Come join the reflections and discussions.


2 thoughts on “God Arise

  1. “I have a family by blood. I love them dearly, but this other family in which He has set me is a story family, a networking family, and dream-building family.” Love this! What a great way of thinking of our spiritual family and a great encouragement and reminder to me this week!

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