A Digital Babylon

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I like this new digital age – really I do; but something stirs within when I read or see posts bashing people, arguing to argue, mud slinging, and conversations that only go in vicious condescending circles. I’m not a hater. I’m trying to walk in grace. I’m trying to love, to hope, to believe.  We live in a broken world with broken people operating from their brokenness among so much “junk”.  This world is messy.

If you’re a Christ follower, then you already know it’s about loving God, loving your neighbor, and doing what His word says. But I’ve seen something, hints of a downward spiral. Are we really loving our neighbors? Real love costs. It’s not cheap. It moves us out of self and into the realm of a love that transcends our human capability. But the love I see, it’s not love. It is vile. It is harmful. It wreaks of vile and malice all in the name of checks and balances (man-made of course, and seldom God-inspired). Do you see it, feel it, or hear it too?

Perhaps we have built another Babylon. One of our very own making. This one is subversive, sly, and dangerous. It is a digital Babylon – one in which we have set ourselves up as kingdoms warring one against the other. He said versus she said because we’ve chosen to redefine the gospel for our comfort rather than to be transformed by it and into His likeness. We seem to be fighting for our voices to be heard far above the Shepherd, as though our words were the final authority. It ought not to be.

Last time I checked there was only one King – a jealous and holy One who shares His Glory with no one. Am I adding to the noise? Have I added a brick upon that human-pride altar ever reaching to be top this format or top that post, top tweet, or top message? It’s already happening. We’re at the juncture – in a world already wild, cynical, disbelieving, accusatory, unyielding, and bent on having everything it’s own way. It’s critical now to test all things to see if they are of God. The body of Christ should look like Him.

May These Words Bring Beauty

May These Words Bring Beauty

Spirit check.
Heart check.
Soul check.

These are evil days, and if we, who follow Christ, are not observant, in the Spirit, and prayerful, we may find ourselves participating in the construction of a digital Babylon without knowing or even realizing it. Will we look up to see Jesus saying, “What are you doing to my church, my flock, my beloved?” I don’t want to be found in that place. I want to be found as His image bearer always pointing to Him.

These are trying times. So I’m praying. Praying without ceasing.

God give us wisdom and discernment to know where and when and how to speak Truth. Let us not add to the destructive, philosophical, trifling bickering. Teach us to speak with boldness that comes from You. Help us to speak words fitly spoken. Help us tell the story well and in a way that speaks life and encouragement.

Be a life giver. Be a seed sower. Be a waterer. Be a restorer/repairer. I just want to be His hands and feet. After all, my life and times are in His hands, and I trust Him. I want His trust of me to be holy founded and glory making.

What are you doing to share the hope of the gospel? I’d love to hear your stories.

Scriptures for meditating on or thinking through:
1 Peter 3
Philippians 4
1 John 4
2 Thessalonians 6
Titus 2


6 thoughts on “A Digital Babylon

  1. These are good words to ponder, Marvia. If we have loved and been loved, we know what life is all about. Lately I’ve been pondering the parable of the Good Samaritan quite a lot… because it is a facet of Love… this being willing to get into the mess, the pain, and give extravagantly of time and money, even for what may seem a lost cause. There’s a lot of shaking going on, and I believe it’s a love revolution… I add my own prayer to yours, that I don’t add to the babble or the brick throwing, with God’s help!

  2. This world is definitely messy and I agree, the digital makes it even messier and out of control. It is so easy for people to get caught up in things that are not pleasing to God and how he calls us to live. It is my mission to stay grounded in God’s word and encourage other moms/women to do the same. Such a comfort to know that in the end God will prevail! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Digital access is, in my mind, a multiplier of “what is.” The barriers to mass communication are suddenly removed and each individual becomes a limitless publisher. What will keep cyberspace in check is that the voices of Good are louder than the voices of Evil. And, indeed, we have a challenge ahead of us …

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