Five Minute Friday: Broken

Broken Egg in Grass by Marvia Davidson

Broken Egg in Grass by Marvia Davidson


I can’t say I really even like this word, but it’s the one that sums of life at the present moment. So much is broken and in need of repair: thinking, believing, knowing, trusting, doing – they’re broken, so very fragile.

But there is another broken that speaks of life, of freedom, of grace, and restoration.  It is the broken body of Christ.


This Broken One is He who shields me in the storm.

This Broken One is He who is my Redemption, Healing, Hope, Belonging, and Love.

Because He is alive, my being broken no longer causes my eternal demise.  In fact, being broken leads me to living fully from God who holds me together.

So I don’t have it all together.  That’s okay.  The dreams didn’t happen that way I thought they should.  That’s okay.  The marriage didn’t come. The dream wedding hasn’t happened.  No children have been birthed from this body, and it’s all okay because, though wrecklessly broken, I’m complete.  I am already whole.

I have a Shalom (nothing missing; nothing broken) that defies explanation.  That doesn’t mean the human desire has gone away.  For me it means I can live in the broken knowing I’m put and held together by a gracious God who knows what I need.  And that’s okay.

Broken doesn’t mean bad. This is the broken that leads to the way of the holy.

I am grateful.

God is Close by m. davidson

God is Close by m. davidson


The song from Gateway Worship always reminds me that even in the broken place, God loves me and is for me! All He Says I Am from Gateway Worship

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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Broken

    • Yes, we move from broken to unbroken is so many different ways. Perhaps the broken comes in ways the free us to be who are were really made to be – to be fully ourselves and without the extra baggage. It gets broken up and we come whole – if we so choose, because we always have a choose.

  1. Broken does not mean unfix-able especially in God’s eyes. No matter how broken we are, Jesus’ broken body which has been made whole can make us whole again. We can trust Him for that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on ‘broken’.

  2. To me “broken” means humble… like the bread that is broken during Communion, symbolizing the broken Body of Christ. Broken can be a good thing, if we don’t wallow in victim-hood…. It’s our very weakness that Christ uses to make us strong. “Broken” teaches us to lean on Him and not on our own understanding. Since becoming broken, myself, I’ve learned to treasure the rich benefits, to count the mercies, to be grateful for the “undoing”.
    I’m glad you’ve learned to be content, but also hope you get to experience the joy of your own family…. and I’m praying for that just-right-job for you too!

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